The best short matches on PS4 which you can beat in one day

What are some best short games on PS4 ? The PlayStation 4 has many short games available, and while some of them are probably not worth their time, there are many that are. In this list we go through some of the shortest games you can play on PS4 — but first some basic rules.

For the beginning, all games that appear here are played by whom we believe that they are worth it; There are some ridiculously short titles on PS4, which we would not recommend. Next, these are all games that are mainly single-player or story-controlled. Third, we tried to restrict the list of games that you can complete in a session. And finally, we wanted to stay with more modern games to flood the list with short retro titles.

With all the out of the way, we come to the games. Here is our selection list on short playing to PS4. For a list of Best PS4 games, click through the link.

The best short matches on PS4 you can beat in one day

Below is a list of some best short games on PS4. In no specific order, these are our favorite short matches on PS4 selected by our editorial staff.

Carbon (PS4)

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Average length: 2-3 hours

If you are looking for a game that you can totally chill out for an evening, discount is highly recommended. Essentially an underwater trip, this is a quiet, peaceful exploration game that is not in the way. It is an adventure with subtle storytelling, a great presentation and a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for a relaxed night.

ARISE: A simple story (PS4)

Average length: 3.5 hours

We are big fans of Arise, a short, but sweet, narrative adventure that should tug your heart. It combines bitter-sweet story scenes with simple but effective 3D platforms. This is a game that definitely makes your name all honor, but the simplicity of experience is drawing. With a length of just a few hours, this is a good game to try it out if you have a free afternoon, and the local coop sweetens the business.

Strong men on sea (PS4)

Average length: 30 minutes

The above estimate refers to every playing. Burly Men At Sea is a short story over three seafarers on a big adventure, but there are several ways that you can take through the game. Even if you wanted to see absolutely everything, you do not need more than a few hours to finish this unusual game. It’s not just its structure that makes it unique; Every time you hit it, you will be rewarded with a code to buy a real picture book about your adventure. A funny and creative curiosity.

Donut County (PS4)

Average length: 2 hours

In Donut County you play like a hole in the ground. It’s a premise that does not sound so exciting on the paper, but you will be delighted from the simple gameplay of this game for its duration. It only takes a few hours, but during this time you will learn everything about the title city and your residents. Furthermore, it is full of bizarre humor, and it’s a pleasure to see how things fall into the hole.

Dreams (PS4)

Average length: 2 hours

This entry is a little tricky, but we relate to Art’s Dream, the own adventure of Media Molecule, which acts as official story mode for Dreams. Like the other games on this list is Art’s Dream short, but very sweet. It offers incredibly a lot of variety in its two-hour runtime and demonstrates the bandwidth of what is possible with the gaming wider build tool set. However, as an independent matter, it is worthwhile to play this, and since the gameplay is constantly changing, it will certainly not be boring.

Erika (PS4)

Average length: 2 hours

As far as FMV adventure games is concerned, Erica is certainly one of the greater titles of the genre. In this captivating psychotriller, Holly Earl delivers an impressive performance as title defender Erica Mason. Since it is designed so that it can be played in a single session, you can see the credits in less than two hours, although repeated playback is recommended as the story is in an interesting way.

Fire station (PS4)

Average length: 4 hours

If you think of fire watch, first think about its incredible visual style. This hiking simulation is absolutely great, but the short adventure game also has a decent story to follow. In the role of Henry, you will get to know the American outdoors while it refers to stand in a watchtower. Of course, there is more behind it, but we do not want to spoil anything. If you have not tried it, it only takes a few hours, so why not?