New World Mutations of the expeditions are like mythic in WoW

A bit like mythic dungeons in WoW or twilight strikes in Destiny 2 will in future increase the difficulty of expeditions in New World in the future, explained the developers of the Amazon MMOs the inclined stream spectators in a different half-hour DEV-Talk on 17. December 2021. In the Framework of the LiveStream already came to the new weapons for New World, and there were also a few more insights into the functioning of mutations.

Weekly changing mutations

Mutations of the New World Dungeons are located on a weekly rotation and even before you enter an expedition, you will be informed about what mutations are active this week. So you can adjust the equipment and the buffs of your heroes accordingly to better prepare for the new challenge. This type of dungeon is primarily aimed at the hardcore players among you who have fun on the muffling of new mechanics and effective tactics — because weekly, a whole combination of mutations will be active.

What the mutations like a wow-mythic mode for New World (Buy Now €39.99) sounds, are the examples of mutations that have made World Experience Lead Mike Gillette as part of the LiveStream. For example, it may be that in a week an electric or lightning mutation is active, which steadily flash your heroes. Another mutation can ensure that enemies suddenly explode (approximately WOW) or leave a harmful puddle behind the ground (about WOW bloody). There will be twice as important to you for you again, wherever you carry your melee attacks. Also, mutations should be possible to curse your stretching or even influence your character skills.

Mutations are playable in ten different stages, which will be more difficult to manage, of course per reached level. Accordingly, your squad will receive a mutation score to conclude a mutated dungeon. If the high is enough, then you turn the next harder level. However, you must first get hold of a mutation key to use this universally applicable access authorization in a mutated expedition of your choice. On the test server, the New World DEVs then want to find out what opportunity to drop these keys and what sources you can get.

Mutations also at outdoor post tower?

On whether mutations are also conceivable at outdoor post tower or invasions, Gillette answers that the developers at Amazon Game Studios currently experiment with it. In January 2022 the public test server will be available again, and you can then try the mutations in the expeditions. Based on your experiences and your feedback, the DEVs of New World will then draw their conclusions, whether mutations can be attractive for so large struggles such as the invasions and the outpost storm.

Mutations mastered? Then there’s new prey

Finally, Art Director Charles Bradbury reveals that a new set of rewards is brought into play due to the mutations for each expedition. Some prey pieces that you can get stealing will also rotate with the appropriate mutations through the lieutenant of the opponents — it’s mainly about the look of your heroes you can accommodate your clothes. If you have survived about a poison and plague mutation salvation, so that will be recognizable by the Gear, which she lucks with happiness.

But there are also items with better arms value and clear: the higher the mutation stage of an expedition, the better is the armor of the clothes, which drop in the instance. If you want to look at the part to the mutations in the original, then the LiveStream of the New World makers catnip from minute 43:44.

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What do you think about the new feature with which the expeditions of New World are likely to be more interesting? Exciting?

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