LOL The challenge of a streamer who managed to get to Master without using a Ward in 150 games

The preseason is the favorite moment of some players of League of Legends. The small loss of value of the qualifying items is the perfect time for some of the most skilled to propose new challenges that make the process of uploading rather than more interesting ranks. We recently encountered a member of the community who came to Master with a single champion in all positions, and now he has shared the story of him another who did it equally curious: accumulating zero points of vision in all his games.

a challenge that contradicts everything we know about the game

Halfway between a self-imposed challenge and an experiment, the player could not use sentinels of vision, eliminate the guardians placed by the enemy or use any element that contributes to the score of vision. To make it possible, yes, he played in his usual position (Top Lane) and with the champions to which he is the most accustomed (Tam Bench and Warwick). A path that took a total of 163 games until reaching the Master rank and in which he accumulated 61.3% at his victory rate.

The challenge took only one range below that no ARM ASHLEY (the streamer in question) has on the main account of it. The player says he has served him for to continue improving in League of Legends, learning a lot about how to interpret the map and movements of the enemy jungles. However, negative situations have also been found, especially related to the use of teletenance due to their lack of aid in vision tasks and exchanges, since rivals could use the invoked crack alcove or shrubs in his against.

These circumstances also joined great problems when I took advantage in the items because of not having enough tools to make ball of snow or the fact that suffered some cases of stream Snipe in which the players They used their retransmissions to take advantages. These circumstances, combined with the impossibility of using Wards or elements of vision, were some of the most unpleasant with which he had to deal with in his last month of League of Legends, although he has valued the experience in general terms as positive.

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