Someone converted this toaster oven into a functional Wii

รีวิว Xiaomi Smart Steam Oven Toaster - เตาอบ Xiaomi ดีจริงหรือเว่อร์ ?? (มี Blind Test ด้วยจ้าา)
Nintendo Wii is one of the best sold consoles of today, so there are many people who have one at home and do not know exactly what to do with it. Well, someone for some strange reason decided that the best thing was to use an old toaster oven and merge it with its Wii. Surprisingly, the final product did end up being functional.

Via its YouTube channel, the user sonicating, which clearly has experience doing this kind of strange mergers, showed us how it managed to join a Nintendo Wii with a toaster oven and up He could make it work. This device has as a name Wiiintaster, but unfortunately lost its ability toast bread.

Although the console is still functional, we must question your ability to reproduce games for a wide period of time. After all, adding extra layers of materials to the console housing could cause overheating of its internal components.

And talking about the Wii, it was revealed that a new game for this console would arrive this year and here you can see how it is.

Editor’s note: Undoubtedly, the Wii had an incredible catalog of games throughout his life, and it is excellent news that many of them are giving the switch. We’ll see what surprises you have prepared Nintendo for the next year, but everything looks like it will be spectacular.