Ghost of Tsushima Tips How To Breed Iron Steel And Gold And Upgrades the Katana

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Fastest Way to Fully Upgrade Sakai Katana - Ghost of Tsushima

Here you can find out how to give the opposition a pictorial advantage.

It takes a bit until you get used to the fight in Ghost of Sushi. However, if you ever feel overwhelmed, it may be worthwhile to improve your weapons and armor. Together with the supplies, iron and steel must do this — they are located in villages occupied by Mongols, inns and houses.

For example, the Traveler’s Rest Inn has an iron and a steel and requires only the exploration of the place. Check inside the iron and outside the blacksmith in a chest for the steel. When you go to Agatha Farmstead, you will receive 12 iron and a minor increase in your legend when you kill hostages and enemies without healing (which is a bonus).

Certain stories of Sushi will give these materials even after completion. So keep a look. Note that the final upgrades of Katina Gold is required. This can be done either by the liberation of occupied bumps (outskirts and farms do not count) or by exchanging with trap stalkers against inventories.

Upgrade Katina

As soon as you have received iron and steel, you no longer need to go to the menu and apply upgrades to Wins Katina. You have to find a wasteland. Check different cities, temples and camps for one. Hold out for locations with providers whose symbols are at the world map golden — this happens when an upgrade is available. When you move the mouse over the icon, the provider has an upgrade for you.

If you want to give the Katina cosmetic flair, swap flowers against dyes or pay attention to the honorary columns. The latter offer sword kits that change the design of the vagina and the handle. Traders will also sell sword kits for flowers, so it could be worthwhile to make them when the opportunity gives.

Here are the different materials that you need to upgrade the Katina:

Level 2 upgrade — 150 supplies, 10 iron
Level 3 upgrade — 300 supplies, 25 iron, 5 steel
Level 4 upgrade — 450 supplies, 40 iron, 10 steel
Level 5 upgrade — 600 supplies, 65 iron, 20 steel, 2 gold

Level 6 Upgrade — 750 Inventories, 80 Iron, 40 Steel, 4 Gold
Level 7 upgrade — 1000 supplies, 100 iron, 80 steel, 6 gold

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