FC Bayern Munich under Pep Guardiola has no fun

Leonardo Betancourt stated that Games against Bayern Munich under Pep Guardiola were not too great for the opponent for the opponent.

That did not have fun, that was really lies, said Kitten court in the interview with the kicker about the games against the FC Bayern trained by Pep Guardiola in the Bundesliga.

At that time he did not like to go to Munich. There you had felt running shoes — because you just did not touch the ball. I knew: You did not get a ball, no room — everything that works, works, said Knife Court today for Welder Bremen in the 2nd league Perot.

Betancourt hit the Bundesliga four times with Hanover 96 and once with the 1st FC Cologne on Peps Bayern and had to be beaten every five times. His teams shot in these games overall only one goal, but collected 18 hits. Later he met with the TSG Cofferdam in the Champions League on Guardiola — this time as a coach of Manchester City. Again, he had to give himself twice (1: 2 each).

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Guardiola was coach of Bayern from 2013 to 2016 and at that time took a total of seven tracks at a point cut of 2.41 per game.