Steamworld Sirizo Development source Newest The Gunk appeared Xbox PC GAME PASS Date of December Lineup Released

Audio Vortex III Gravity Wars INAMI Game Station (formerly subtitled as e-amusement cloud) was the very first installation of Noise Vortex for computer based upon the Sound Vortex III Gravity Wars video clip game. Unlike deliveries from the very same series, which are introduced for Arcade, this shipment was launched for computer system, which collaborates with the E-amusement system; It requires both a user account and an E-amusement pass card. It was initial revealed at the Jeep 2017 event, situated at the Madurai Jesse Convention Facility, Chiba Prefecture, in Japan. Additionally next to the video game, the official controller was displayed for the same name on Audio Vortex Console -Nests- Ultimate Model, whose controller is made use of to carry out the video game notes.

Microsoft has published a lineup added on December 20, Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, which is all-you-can-have the target game title.

Steam world series developed new work THE GUNK appeared on the first day of release

An action adventure The Gunk appeared only as a new product delivered from the first day of the release. The developer is known for Steam world Dig, Steam world Quest, etc. Image & Form Games. The player discovers Link that brings corruption, with an unpopulated planet that asks for valuable resources as one Ran of the two-ways of the universe. Use power gloves to eliminate this, and depart the adventure that regains the nature of the planet. This is possible to play by touch operation by cloud-enabled devices from the beginning of delivery.

In addition, the fantasy novel Rhodes Island Sent Original Milano Siege Supplies 2D Search Action Rhodes Island Seaside It Inn Wonder Labyrinth- is the first appeared on Microsoft Store and delivered on the same day Game PASS compatible.

Four future new works of delivery from the first day of release will be announced in The Game Awards 2021

The TGA held the other day, the pigeon ran out Pigeon Simulator, series the latest work SNIPER ELITE 5, TREK to YOGI like the old age play of Japan The puzzle game WHEN SKI LIFTS GO WRONG Development source Hugely Studios A total of 4 titles of unauthenticated newest are revealed to be delivered from the first day of release.

In addition, Mortal Kombat 11 and Fire watch, which is increasing this list, is not delivered for domestic.

Additional lineup

December 15

AMONG US (Cloud)

December 16th

Ben 10: Power Trip! (PC / Console / Cloud)

Broken Age (PC / Console / Cloud)

Firewater (PC / Console / Cloud)

The GUNK (PC / Console / Cloud)

LAKE (PC / console / cloud)

Mortal Kombat 11 (PC / Console / Cloud)

Pay Patrol, Mighty Paps Save Adventure Bay (PC / Console / Cloud)

Ryan and Racing (PC / Console / Cloud)

Rhodes Island Battle Site De Durit Inn Wonder Labyrinth (PC / Console / Cloud)

Transformer: Battle Ground (PC / Console / Cloud)

Details such as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC are more than this official site. You can check the corresponding title list here. Also, the first three months 100 yen campaign is currently under the Xbox Game Pass for PC.