NBA Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets must pay fine for obscene

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets must pay a fine of $25,000 for an obscene language during a game. That officially announced that NBA.

The scene occurred during the victory of the Nets on the Atlanta Hawks. With 28 seconds to play in the second quarter, Durant stated a pawning fan with the words Shut To Ass up, as it is heard in a video in the social media.

The fan who had listen to howling, Durant, had called, which is clearly evident, was not referenced by the hall. Whether they had already advised against each other, is unknown.

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The NBA FINES Kevin Durant $25,000 for CURSING OUT Heckler during Nets vs Hawks game!
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Durant had to pay $25,000 penalties in this season because he threw a ball into the ranks. In addition, he was punishable to a penalty of $50,000 after dissuading on social media in a change of exchange with Comedian Michael Rapport.