Christmas arrives at Pok mon Unite Dragonite and many rewards will be available very soon

As in Halloween season, Pokémon Unite will proudly receive the Christmas holidays. Starting the December 15 and until January 16, the popular Mob in Switch and mobile will be available Your event entitled Snow Wallets in Acid City !, Which will come with enough exclusive rewards.

The event will be available from December 15 to January 16 The Fiesta will start a few days before the introduction of the event, because Serena will arrive at Pokémon Unite December 9, and all players can get it completely Free for a few days. In addition, on December 20, Dragon ite will descend from the heavens and join the title campus. This leaves us with two new Pokémon in the span of one month.

Already entering the event fully, fast combats will receive a very large change, because every defeated wild Pokémon will become a snowman, and Deli bird will give random combat objects to whom you defeat him. The biggest novelty, however, will be the arrival of Article, who will replace Zap dos in the center of the map.

Dragonite Gameplay + Confirmed Release Date & Holiday Update ! Pokemon Unite

Luminous Challenge will also be available during the days of the event, where players will decorate a Christmas tree by fulfilling daily missions, and will receive several rewards in return. On the other hand, in the Photographic Challenge We will gather snowflakes by participating in any type of battle (normal, fast, qualifying) and, again, players will get several thematic objects, but this challenge will only remain on December 24 as of January 6.

There’s still more! The event is full of attire for you and your Pokémon, along with 3 days (from 1 to 3 January) where players will have access to all UNITE licenses, perfect occasion to test all the characters of the game. Take a look inside the official site to know all the details.