Why Dortmund s game against Besiktas is not meaningless

2.8 million euros poured the UEFA per victory in the group stage, in view of the pre-sealed shortfall, this would be for Borussia Dortmund a small bilabial consolation patch, two days after the upcoming classic in the league is the focus at BVB again So good, on the game against Besides on Tuesday (21 clocks, live! At group stage).

The game is none about the golden pineapples, stressed coach Marco Rose, although in the group before the last match day all places are cemented and for the BVB the way into the Europa League-play-offs is clear: It’s about Prestige, it’s about money for the club and about bringing a few things.

And for attitude: It’s about going to go to the next step to deliver a top performance as to be to throw yourself in every duel and play actively football to signal that you take every game seriously. Because if you can do that, it will manifest, that must be our goal.

Rose indicates break for Haaland and Co.

Striker Steffen Tinges also sees that: The Champions League is already especially, because you can not play enough often. That’s important to me personally and the team already important. We are athletes and want to compile a maximum of every game.

Nevertheless, in the fourth recent appearance of the year, it is also the chance to give some professionals a breather. There are a few players in whom we have to regulate the stress, says Rose and says, for example, the just recent Erlang Haaland: Erlang played 80 minutes on Saturday, longer than planned. It’s clear that we realize it can not hunt long in this game. Eyre Can is locked anyway, too Mahmoud Aloud, Raphael Guerrero and Marius Wolf are not long back in the squad.

I have to talk to him again, whether it is in his sense to play directly again.

Rose over Hummel’s

We have to find a good mix, says the coach and promises: We will send a good team to the field. Axel Wiesel and Donnell paint, the two hardwood hardness cases would start safe. Julian Brandt After his concussion and Th organ Hazard after the end of his corona quarantine, there are no alternatives, as little Giovanni Reyna.

Open is a use of Mats Hummels, who had not shown good performance against Bavaria. Mats is long enough, and he knows he’s done better games. He is very reflected, says Rose: I have to talk to him again, whether it’s in his sense to play directly again.