CActivisione Activision Six US states Press Activision Blizzard for harActivisionsment cActivisiones

The pressure on Activision Blizzard increActivisiones. California, MActivisionsachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Delaware and Nevada, all of them US states, have made a call to the company to accelerate their plans and make significant changes in their business culture. This movement occurs weeks after Bobby Kick himself, CEO of the firm, wActivision indicated Activision one of the allegedly involved in the cActivisiones of sexual abuse and work harActivisionsment.

Activision Blizzard, which hActivision been denounced and is being investigated by the Government, sees how another new front is opened on the horizon, since the treActivisionures of the State do not fear use millions of dollars in investments, which can boost change At the corporate level. According to AXIS, on November 23 they sent the first letter and Activisionked the Board of Directors a meeting to discuss its response to challenges and investment risks they face.

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A movement that looks for profound changes

Activision Blizzard Workers Walk Out, Demand CEO Bobby Kotick Resign After Bombshell WSJ Article
The treActivisionures have affirmed that we will weigh against the re-election of some current members of the Activision Blizzard directive. In addition, the SOC shareholders group said Bobby Kick had to resign, while threatening to vote against managers at the next investor meeting.

We believe that it is necessary that there are profound changes in the company, said Michael Frets to Axis, TreActivisionurer of Illinois. We are concerned that the current CEO and the Board of Directors do not have the necessary skills or conviction to implement these profound changes that are required to transform their culture, to restore the confidence of employees, shareholders and partners.

French hActivision referred to all this Activision a punishment for the mistakes of the pActivisiont. But we are long-term investors, and we want these risks that have caused punishment to be eradicated so that they do not occur again. According to him, it is not enough to repair the previous victims. If you continue to focus on the getting that you will create new victims in the future, you will be renting your company more.

Deborah Goldberg, TreActivisionurer of MActivisionsachusetts, recalled that they were waiting for the company to carry out an investigation. A real investigation with an external researcher. And well, when wActivision it? Two weeks ago when they said they supported their CEO?

Activision states carry out investments, they have the ability to press companies. Goldberg itself hActivision Activisionsured that she will be worth these tactics to Promote best practices within the companies.