Prussia M nster shifts Annual General Meeting

With great concern, we are all looking at the latest developments and the steadily rising infection numbers, says Münster membership President Christoph Stressed and then continues: We all carry a great responsibility for our own health and especially for our fellow human beings. Therefore, Has the Bureau unanimously decided to postpone the Annual General Meeting.


AHV according to the statute before the end of January

According to the statutes, the assembly had actually had to take place before 31 January, but the uncertain development in the course of the republished pandemic make this unplayable. It can not be ruled out or even to be expected that further restrictions on the implementation among other types of registered associations are decided, said Stress’s, In addition, a meeting of several hundred members would be in closed rooms even with strict compliance with 3G, 2G or 2G + not responsible from the point of view of the Bureau.

The decision was intensively checked for their admissibility. A new date for the assembly is currently not fixed, the club communicated only a shift to a not yet determined time after January 31.