After scandal bottle throw France s Interior Minister announces measures

The French Interior Minister Gerald Armani has announced measures to improve security in the stadium after the bottle throw in Lyon. These are to be proposed in 15 days, the politician communicated after a meeting with the responsible person of national football on Tuesday.

Feminicide in France: Interior minister announces measures to tackle domestic violence • FRANCE 24
We have agreed on cooperation in four areas, said Armani. These include the topic of stadium bans and reactions to such incidents, the steam assurance and questions about the decision-making process regarding a scan.

In addition, the new Task Force will deal with the aspect of private security, Since we have to improve the control of stadium access, said the Minister of the Interior.

Armani had received Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti and Sports Minister Roxana Maracineeanu to the meeting in addition to the meeting of French football.

According to Armani, the group wants to meet in the same format in 15 days to submit proposals for the Prime Minister and the leaders of football.

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The game between Olympic Lyon and Olympic Marseille was broken off on Sunday evening after a bottle throw on guest player Dimitri Payer after just a few minutes. French football has been overshadowed by riots for several months.