Bayern sits Katar application

Out had submitted an application at the end of October, in which he demands that his favorite club leaving the sponsoring deal with Qatar Airways.

The record champion has not responded to the application until today, neither admitted nor rejected him. Out had tried to seek an injury to the district court of Munich, which was dismissed with the justification of lack of urgency — just like Thursday, the complaint against this court decision.

Spontaneous application still possible — a high hurdle

Thus, the interest group around the 28-year-old remains only the possibility to put a spontaneous application at the meeting on Thursday evening. According to Otto Twitter’s message from noon he will choose this remedy, because It’s not all lost yet.

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In order for a spontaneous application to be tuned, it requires a 75 percent consent of the members present. The original application itself, on the other hand, only needs 50 percent approval to be accepted. 75 percent are a very high hurdle, as Out the Munich AZ says, and calls the behavior of Bavaria Perfidy and Degree, to push him into this situation.

I would not have expected that this will be necessary at some point and the club behaves so unsportsmort.

Michael Out

That Out against his club — fan, since 2002, since 2002, he had never been an action since 2007 — he would never have thought, because I could actually not have expected that this will be necessary at some point and the club is so sportsman
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