New World Developers are probably working on improvements for the MID

The Mid-Game in Amazon’s New World is the point where many players complain about a motivation hole. Amazon would like to address this, as the Game Director Scot Lane reveals in an interview with Games:

We have a lot of work in front of us to improve the early and mid-game (especially for solo players). We have already started working on new content to improve the experience. Our goal is to offer the players who ask them, and the feedback of the players will continue to help to show the direction for New World (Buy €39.99).

Lagrangian knights will play a big role

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The new Lagrangian knights who found their entry into New World with patch 1.1 probably already give a first indication of what these improvements could look like:

So far, there are only a few Lagrangian camps, but everything speaks that we will still see much more of them.

We will continue to insert more quests for the early and mid-game. New quest species will help uncover the mysteries around Sternum. We understand that some players want to focus more on solo gameplay. We try to realize this through alternative quest series and more solo gameplay.

In addition to the Mid-Game, Amazon also wants to continue working on their end game content. With Patch 1.1, some players complained to the title official forums and also on Reddit that elite opponents of the maximum level became much stronger, making it a lot more difficult to capture equipment.

According to Lane, this change was therefore that developers want to offer the players different ways to get the best equipment, instead of repeating only the same activity:

We need to make better work to make players to exploit all end-game activities. At the moment, users only play a small percentage of our end-game mechanics, which of course triggers the desire for more. We also have new End -Got content for the not too distant future.

The Twitch Streamer Shroud recently explained that New World is the best MMO because it does not hold the player by hand. According to Lane, this ensures the problem that players do not play all content as they might not know about their existence.

From Daniel Link
24.11.2021 at 18:04