Come to the Gala of 3D Games Huawei 2021 and get fantastic Huawei awards

Michael Peter Todd Savor is a Canadian expert who has worked thoroughly in North Korea. He is director of Part Cultural Exchange, an organization that advertises financial investment and tourism in North Korea. In December 2018, while living and also dealt with Dan dong, on the Chinese side of the border between China and North Korea, SAVOR was apprehended by Chinese officials. His arrest is extensively taken a reprisal for the apprehension of Huawei’s executive, Men Lanzhou, in Canada. On August 10, 2021, a Chinese court condemned Spar to 11 years in jail.

On December 2 at 9:00 p.m. we will celebrate our first Gala of the 3D game Huawei 2021 and, as we explained a week ago, We want 3D-game readers to also be protagonists of the event. Therefore, we are preparing a very special contest with our colleagues of Huawei to invite you to the gala and compete for a pack of HUAWEI devices worth more than 300 euros that may be yours if you show your It was worth the controls of a live video game since the issuance of the program. How? Very easy.

You’re of age? Do you live in Madrid or could you move to La Gala on December 2 at 9:00 p.m? Do you want to live the gala next to our guests and the 3D game editors live from 3dcasa ? So do not talk anymore! Leave a comment on the text box, tell us I want to go to the 3D game Huawei 2021!, Tell us the reason, and you will be part of the raffle that can bring you to the gala on Thursday, December 2. In addition to opting the prizes of our friends from Huawei, we also have a mission for one of our guests: Deliver the 2021 game for readers.

We are not going to cheat, but we are very excited about the gala, and we are delighted to be part of our enthusiasm, and you win for growing the prizes and turning them into a party of the referent video game. Your presence in the Huawei 2021 3D game prizes for us is very important, hence we want to reward that you are going to be the great annual 3D game appointment. Are you coming? Participate in the raffle from the comments telling us I want to go to the 3D Games Huawei 2021 prizes! And explain the reason why you want to accompany us next Thursday.

The plan is that you arrive at the Media offices at about 20:00. There you will receive some 3D-game editors to know our facilities and take something while we explain the tournament mechanics. Once the championship begins you will be three players and a single winner. The victor will take a Huawei Band 6 watch, Huawei Freebies 4 headphones and a Tablet Mate pad 10.4. Once the tournament begins and finishes you will only have to worry about enjoying the party after the Huawei 2021 3D Games awards along with 3D game members and our guests.

Solo Three conditions : Be over 18, be in Madrid on December 2 at 20:00 and / or be able to move our offices by then and feel like enjoying the gala with us. We will announce the winners of the Gala the next Monday, November 29 In this news, and we will get in touch with the three fortunate and two other readers who will remain in reserve. You will only wait for the time and dates indicated to enjoy the gala at our offices. Leave your message in the comments with I want to go to the 3D Games Huawei 2021 prizes! And explaining the reason why you want to accompany us, and you will enter the draw of the three entrances.


As always, readers You are the central axis of the 3D game experience, so as we already did in past editions of the prizes, you will have the opportunity to vote for the game of the year for readers at the 3D-game prizes Huawei 2021. We can not think of a better way to give prominence to the 3D game community than to invite one of our readers to deliver the prize, so one of the winners of the raffle will be the one in charge of giving the prize.

Of course, most of the 3D game community resides in places in the world of the most disparate, and will be able to participate for all of them. Not only in the live chat of the retransmission that will be carried out through the YouTube channel of 3D Games, but also in different contests and draws that will allow you to earn succulent awards regardless of where you reside.