Shin Megami Tensei v in the test fabulous demons with tradition

Mega mi Tense (女女 転生, The reincarnation of the goddess ), typically shortened in Megaton, is a collection of function video clip games established by Allude considering that 1987. It has actually become a collection of really prominent duty plays in Japan.

Without Shin Mega mi Tense there would be no persona, but how does the current Shin Mega mi Tense v? We tested it.

To 16-bit times, Japanese role plays also belonged to the most popular genres in this country, but after and after Debate the interest. For some years, the genre has enjoyed growing popularity again. The oldest rows in this area include Shin Mega mi Tense, from which the two lower-rows persona and Devil Summoner have emerged. However, the main row was not published in the West for a long time. Only with the publication of the third part, that changed. Now Shin Mega mi Tense V stands in the shelves, and it is ours — as probably for many others — first experience with series at all. Therefore, we may be some priorities other than many years of serial connoisseurs.

One thing is to say that the actions of the games do not build on each other, so that you can also enter as a freshman. However, it is helpful to deal with the brand in order to understand certain guidelines of the characters and to understand various religious topics.

angels, gods, demons — thats the story

We hatch in the role play in the skin of a high school student who is confronted at his school with rumors about mysterious occurrences in a tunnel very close near. Two of our friends have disappeared there and when we want to make a picture of the situation, wondrous things happen. A grinding earthquake shakes the environment, and we wake up after a short time of unconsciousness in Theat again. In this alternative and apocalyptic version of Tokyo there is a war between angels and demons. Fully perplexed In view of the circumstances, we will be saved from Ogam before dismantling demons and merge with him to a nearing. This is the mischief not over yet. The demons begin to attack intact Tokyo, and only we can stop the downfall of the city and the rest of the world in the role of a hybrid from man and deity. Garnished is the journey JRPG-typical with a variety of curious bodies, which run us at regular intervals over the way and partially accompany.

Tradition from progress

The game run in Shin Mega mi Tense V is also kept genre by. After the story has come in motion, we will switch ourselves from waypoint to the key point to continue sinking in the conflict between gods and demons. Although the goal is almost always given and the way to the most part too, but away from that we can move freely in the fields and look free, as well as visiting well-known places again thanks to a quick travel function. Only at certain points, it continues when we have eliminated an opposing barrier. In the form of the Notation we have more freedoms than students and can jump, climb and use our sword. As a normal man, however, our action repertoire is limited only to running and talking.

The demons and their peculiarities

The pivot point of the game are the numerous demons and the game mechanics associated with them. Since we can hardly align something against the downfall of the world as a single warrior, we have to work together or evil with them. An important means is the inclusion of new fighters in our group. That can be both demons and angels. This is just talking to the figures instead of fighting against them. But not every demon can be convinced immediately. Some want to see bare coin instead of arguments or have other items before they join us. Some even swell our belongings and disappear again.

In addition, we are able to merge two demons and creating a new, even more powerful fighter. The game offers us various possibilities, so that we can even look at the result before and if necessary, we can reform. We also like to inherit individual properties and resistance by means of essences. The system is rounded off by passive properties for our character, which are named miracles in the game. If you want to enjoy the roleplaying game to the fullest, here will spend a large part of your time and file on the perfect compilations between your own abilities, skills for demons and the right combat troupe to stop the biggest opponent.

Be Always on the hat

With up to three monsters in the party, it then goes into a turn-based combat to the next. Who hitherto somewhat limited experience gained in this genre, is slowed down quickly after initial successes. Wild top sculpting brings nothing. One already requires a balanced force (Healer, Tank, rounder etc.) and the opponent has to adjust well to the weak points, otherwise the fight is over faster than expected, while Shin Mega mi Tense V shows his merciless face. Automatic save points do not exist, there are only the manually set Scores. Anyone who has played 20 minutes and dies by a self-inflicted error or a superior opponent, has any progress newly earn. Although this is no longer appropriate, but the tension holds even high at supposedly weaker opponents.

Difficult, difficult, difficult…

But would Shin Mega mi Tense V anything but easy, even with automatic save points. When you first start playing, although the three levels of difficulty to choose from, in the course of the game can change at any time (except hard ), but even the simplest approach is very crisp. To fight only on main quest to main quest, is almost impossible. Even if you do all the side quests and much of the enemy, which one encounters on the way there, defeated, which is not enough to do at all the first Boss. The motto is: Grinding, Grinding and Grinding again. Since it does not matter that the side quests rather come along uninspired and almost solely from the talks live than on the task itself This is often a fact only. Defeat of opponents X following number or Get one or more specific items, Who just wants to follow the history of times without great thought to be difficult opponents to waste, should be the safe -Difficulty download from the Nintendo shop. However, it is so overwhelming then that hardly a fight is a challenge. A middle ground does not exist.

Technical succeeded with demons as highlights

For the first time since the series developers Atlas have the Unreal Engine used for Shin Mega mi Tense and this is reflected especially in the large, smartly seeing demons again. But smaller copies are no less skillfully staged. While the environment may not look as detailed as you know it from other RPGs, but the creators have still created a nice to be regarded demon world. The modern Tokyo, however, acts over long distances but somewhat sterile. Moreover, sometimes it comes in particularly a lot of action or extensive areas to slowdowns, but too large to large consequence. Acoustically a rather unobtrusive soundtrack is offered when it supports what is happening, but we can hardly remain in my memory. There is also inherently an English language edition. If desired, but also the Japanese audio track can be downloaded. However, the game has not been translated completely. Many menu details are still in English, which especially may initially lead to confusion.


Shin Mega mi Tense V is a classic representative of Japanese roleplaying games. Some design decisions such as invisible barriers may indeed seem archaic, but are typical for the genre. The RPG from Atlas is difficult, requires a lot of grinding and tactical understanding. Beginners a little patience and frustration resistance definitely need to bring. For that convince the combat system, the mechanics of the demons and the basic setting. Particularly well the verbal skirmishes that we enjoyed with the demons if we wanted to convince her to come with our team. But this is not at all, is the partial lack of translation. This should definitely be changed via update. Who can not be confused by the fact, but gets set before a consistently good RPG.

Shin Mega mi Tense V


demons mergers

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Essence system

great setting

Mint combat system

Interactions with the demons

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comfortable travel system


unbalanced difficulty levels

much Grinding

not fully translated

4/5 stars

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