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Steffen Hofmann takes leave. His Round of Honor after the Farewell-game.
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For years, midfield legend Steffen Hoffmann has little interest in coaching job at the SK Rapid. Now he took over the Hütteldorfer interimistic — in his opinion, however, nothing changed.

After the dismissal of Dietmar Bauer, Thomas Hickersberger and Steffen Hoffmann took over the SK Rapid interim — until a new head coach is found. Even in the past, Hoffmann openly spoke to never want to be Rapid coach. Even the episode as an interim trainer does not change anything.

There has not been a lot going on. I have to confess that Im fun to stand with the guys on the place. But it is not that I say, its sometime my life goal to become Rapid coach, the 41-year-old Germans says Krone Dating.

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Hoffmann did not want to cancel his familiar and sports director Zoran Basic. It was communicated that we take over until a newer is there. As long as we will pure ourselves, make the most of it. When the new is there, everyone is back to his position, says Hoffmann.

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Rapid hopes for a timely solution. Recently, names like Moran Comic, Werner Gregoritsch and Markus Sch opp by Dusseldorf.