Mercedes protest is not pursued no punishment of stages

This is the result of a hearing with representatives of both teams and the Motorsport World Association FIA from Thursday in Qatar. In a video conference, it was discussed whether there may be a review right. This is not the case, according to the stewards of the FIA, as announced on Friday.

I expected that. We wanted to trigger a discussion, we have achieved that, we did not expect it to continue, said Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff. Red Bulls team boss Christian Corner said, Its the right decision.

I expected that. We wanted to trigger a discussion, we have achieved that. We did not expect it to continue.

Toto Wolff

Mercedes' bid to get Verstappen/Hamilton F1 incident re-opened explained

On Tuesday, the silver arrows had subsequently caused a review of the bang-hard battle between stages and world champion Lewis Hamilton at the Grand Prix last Sunday. The Red Bull Pilot stood Hamilton beside the route. As a reason for the opposition, Mercedes named the appearance of new evidence that did not provide the racing commissioners during the World Cup run. This argument was not enough to follow the protest further.

This is a punishment of stump from the table. It had been speculated that he slides backwards through a subsequent period of time and could lose further points on Hamilton.

Ne glass in Round 48 was just recorded

In Brazil, Hamilton had almost at the 48th round of the outside of the Dutchman, stopping did not let him place. Both pilots rest over the edge stone. The race communities listed the incident, but did not see an investigation as necessary. Hamilton won the race and came in the overall standing three races before the end up to 14 points on stages.