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The Community Day in December 2021 Napoleon GO the highlight of the year for many coaches. You will find there the Pokémon of the C-Days of 2021 and 2020. This strong attacks and mega energy. We show you the date, bonuses and all Pokémon and content for C-Day in December.

This promises Ni antic: We now know the Community Day to how exactly to proceed in December when Pokémon GO. It was clear in advance that the event runs for two days. Now we know what content there. You can often encounter 25 different Pokémon. In raids, eggs or even in the wilderness and through field research. These developments strong attacks can learn.

For a Community Day which is huge, because normally only a Pokémon is one day in focus. But for the financial statements, the developers have regularly come up with a big event. In the overview, we show you all the details for C-Day in December 2021 Evil, Macho, Bible and other highlights.

date Pokémon, bonuses for Community Day in December 2021

When we go there? The Community Day in December runs in two days.

On Saturday, December 18, 11:00 to 17:00
On Sunday, December 19, 11:00 to 17:00
Figures are shown in local time.

What bonuses are there?

During the event adhere to smoke and Lock module three hours
Halved prepare to step distance for eggs, which puts her during the event period in the incubators
Double stardust for catching Pokémon
Double Experience for catching Pokémon
Special bonus: From Saturday, December 18 at 13:00 to Sunday, December 19 at 23:59
25% less stardust cost of swapping Pokémon
Another special exchange per day

These are available starting December 16, a further increase of item and Pokémon capacities. The first increase your bags already arrived in November. From 16 December at 22:00 the maximum capacity of Pokémon Box of 5000 will be increased to 5,500. The capacity of the item bag at the same time from 4,000 to 4,500.

Pokémon in the wild: The following Pokémon appear during the event time common in the wild and are attracted by smoke and Lock module:

Du skull

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During the event day change the Pokémon in the new 2-km-eggs: 2-km-eggs. This includes then:

Mag by


Marked by an asterisk Pokémon have a chance to emerge as shiny.

Exclusive attacks: You know the past of the Community Days with exclusive attacks that period event were available to some. For Community Day in December 2021 to return some attacks. Designed Pokémon December 17 at 19:00 to Monday, 20 December at 19:00, then the Pokémon learn the following attacks:

research and gift for Community Day in December 2021

Research As her are accustomed, you can for Community Day in December, a special research for €1 purchase. In addition, a limited research that starts on December 18 at 11:00 local time and then to Monday, December 20, at 10:00 pm local time is active.

In field studies can you mega energies for Harvard, LIBOR, Gen gar, Yards and Alt aria deserve.

Event boxes + Gift: From Friday, December 17th at 19:00 to Monday, 20 December at 19:00 the following offers apply:

In the shop there for 1,280 coins one event box with 50 Hyper balls, 6-star pieces, a top instant-TM and a top-loading TM.
There is also a free box as a gift 30 Hyper balls.

To which the content and Pokémon you are happy at the Community Day in December the most? Leave us your opinion on the idea of ​​the event but here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other players about it from.