WM 2022 Denmark announces protests in Qatar

As the Danish Association DBU announced, the sponsors on the exercise clothing will make room for critical news to Qatar. In addition, the DBU will minimize the number of trips to Qatar, among other things for employees and partners, so it goes primarily to sports participation in the participation in the World Cup final round and not to advertise for events of the World Cup organizers. The commercial partners of the national team should not participate in official activities in Qatar.

DBU has long been critical to the World Cup in Qatar. But now we intensify our efforts and critical dialogue to use the fact that we have qualified to work for more change in the country, said the Association boss Jakob Jensen in a statement. In addition, we have long been drawn attention to the challenges facing the FIFA and Qatar, and will continue to do so.

The fact that the sponsors have to match and allow space for embassies, for example to improve the conditions for the migrant workers in Qatar, pleased Jensen. It s a very strong signal when our partners also work for better conditions in Qatar, he said. The partners support the Danish football, the men s national team and sporting participation in the EM and the World Cup — not the individual host.

Denmark had already involved protest in March, also the Netherlands, Norway and Germany, among other things, set a sign.

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Qatar 2022: The way from the World Cup assignment to today

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In December 2010, the World Cup 2022 is awarded to Qatar.

Five years later, FIFA decides to develop a World Cup in the winter months for the first time.

For eleven years, non-sporting topics have dominated the World Cup: It s about voice purchase, exploitation of workers on construction sites and fundamental human rights.

Criticism on training clothes: Denmark announces protests in Qatar

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