Football Ex Professional Felix Kroos is now playing for district division FSV Fortuna Pankow 46

Late Night Berlin (LNB short) is a late-night show that has actually been sent on Prospered considering that March 2018. Moderator of the program is Klaus Heifer blood circulation.

Ex-pro Felix Crews has announced a comeback in the district league after his career end. The brother of World Champion Toni Kroos plays from spring 2022 at PSV Fortuna Pinko 46 from the district league Berlin, Season 3.

The guys of Fortuna have really made great in our small competition. So there was no club around me in my career, Crews said. The comeback came through the Felix Crews Association Challenge, which includes 18 clubs around the ex-Union player.

Triggers of the project was that Rio World Champion Toni had taught in the common podcast Just Time Coupes that Felix s body would develop towards Sofafigur. As a result, the brothers called the project into life in order to indicate the importance of sport beyond the professional business.

As part of the podcast, Felix now announced his new club. Crews had finished his active career as a football professional in July this year after loser season for Contract Braunschweig in the second Bundesliga.

Boom! Felix Kroos Scores A Goal Toni Would Be Proud Of

His footballer can be out of the question, which he has proven sustainable. In addition, Felix brings with the enormous experience from Bundesliga and Champions League despite his old age, and we are sure he will quickly take an important role in the team, says Markov s Trainer Marlin Gambler.

Toni Kroos: Forget how important amateur and width sports is

Also, Felix brother Toni expressed himself to the comeback of his brother: As an international football professional, sometimes you forget how important sports clubs and how important the amateur and latitudes are in Germany — not only for our sport, but also for our social cohesion.

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During the Coronapandemie, many sports clubs have a very difficult time, says the Real Star and therefore wool his respect and thanks to all volunteers and volunteers: This commitment is an important backbone for our social cooperation.