Call of Duty Vanguard Cheaters are permanently excluded from the franchise

Vanity Shooter or Ego shooter (from Old Greek ἐγώ Ego or New Greek εγώ Ego and also Latin ego I as well as English shooter shooting game ; English First-person shooter, abbreviated FPS) are a classification of video game in which the player from the ECOPEPECTIVE In a freely walkable, three-dimensional video game globe, various other players or computer-controlled opponents combat with firearms. The player guided by the gamer is human or human-like. Vanity shooter is a word development from the German-speaking world, in the English-speaking area one talks from the First-person shooter.

WOW! Hackers Are Already Taking Over Call of Duty Vanguard

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In combat, Cheaters and those who spoil the others in the First-person shooter series Call of Duty the fun, Activision will continue to be harder in the future. In the worst case you will be permanently excluded from all parts of the series. This also affects future parts. In the Security and Enforcement Policy for the current Call of Duty: Vanguard is about the explanation for permanent blocking: > Durable blockages are permanent and final and can be used for both this title and for past, current or future titles of the Call of Duty series. Players committing extreme or repeated violations of the guidelines can therefore expect a permanent blocking of all accounts in the future. On the Support page of Activision you can read the guidelines.