Shift up Giga TV through Nikke Goddess of victory Developer interview

The shift-up said on the 15th, the Gustav TV, which will not be able to do it together on the site.

The video to be disclosed as a title the new of the shift-up, Nice: the goddess of the victory is a result of the Creator Kim Sung Meeting, a former game developer s Creator Kim Sung Meet, and the interview of Kim Hyung TAE and Type Director.

In the interview, Nike: Winning Goddess and can listen to a variety of tremendous stories on the development of the victory, and the core content, and differentiated game properties.

NIKKE ~ The Goddess of Victory - Gameplay Trailer - Shift Up - Mobile - KR

In addition, the project: Eve studio, which leaves a strong impression to the global user in the PlayStation 5 showcase, visited the Kim Sung-sung Creator in the project: Eve studio to talk to the developers, and confirm the video to introduce the manufacturing technology.

Online visitors can watch the image through the GST TV channel at 12:30 pm on the 20th.