Destiny 2 soon ensures more super energy without catalysts that has bungie

In destiny 2 finally gives good news about the lack of catalysts for some popular exotics. Bungee wants to bring you back in the near future. But not only that. The developer thinks about a solution that soon all exotics, even without catalyst, can produce super energy.

Exotics in Destiny 2 are special weapons with unique properties. If there is a catalyst for you, they are even stronger. But currently not all available catalysts are playable and not all exotics have one.

For this reason, Bungee thinks about the return of missing catalysts and also wants to search alternative ways. Exotics without a catalyst should be able to create spheres of power in the near future and thus super energy.

Currently, there are three categories of catalysts in Destiny 2:

Catalysts that exist and which one can earn.
Catalysts that exist and which one can not earn.
Exotics for which there is no catalyst yet.

Available catalysts are not playable: Especially catalysts that you can not earn are always topic. The players can buy EX weapons on the tower kiosk, but in some cases the existing catalyst remains inaccessible.

This mainly applies to the catalysts of old, no longer accessible exotic quests, which are hiked in the content vault. For example, the mission Western for the exotic exo-sniper, hour zero for the exotic perfected outbreak or such from seasonal activities. At the latter counts legitimate heritage, the exotic machine gun with shield.

Bungee wants to change soon: In the DCP podcast, Chris Proctor, Weapons Feature Lead of Bungee, has made the players hope. He announced that these catalysts currently not available with The Hexenkönigin will come in February 2022 in the General Activities Pool. Just as it was in the past even with other catalysts.

The intention of the hex king is that all currently inaccessible catalysts get there.

Catalysts can then drop everywhere: Through this adaptation, it will then be possible that catalysts of the general purpose exotics can drop in all activities in Destiny 2. For example, in the crucible, in dusk strikes or in the legendary lost sectors.

On the one hand, the good news are. On the other hand, this message will dispel some players who had hoped for a reunion of the Western mission in the witch king. After the confirmed buff for the Whisper, the Exo-Sniper, that was a quite plausible option.

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But when the catalyst lands in the normal activity pool, it will be revised and a conclusion of the exotic mission will not be necessary for this. The same would then apply to perfected outbreak, the exotic pulse rifle with Siva nanites and the fourth tab, the exotic shotgun.

Destiny 2 wants to make missing catalysts unimportant

For the third category, catalysts that do not yet exist, Bungee has a completely new approach in mind. For example, the exotic arc Le Marque was extremely strong against overcharging champion, which is why many guards played.

But since he has no catalyst, he can also produce no spheres of power. A big disadvantage you had to accept. This wants to change Bungee now and make missing catalysts unimportant.

Hear you will find all masterpiece catalysts currently available in the game:

Can soon produce each exotic without a catalyst spheres? In the TAB (via bungee.net), Bungee says that they do not like when players only comment on a catalyst to produce spheres and thus super energy. Catalysts should be more than that.

Bungee explained:

We do not find it good that the desire for exotic catalysts is largely determined by the spheres of power they produce. That s why we work on the fact that players can handle this limitation.

For future catalysts, there is a greater attention to the exotic properties, which offers a masterpiece upgrade for an exotic weapon.

These catalysts could soon be available: Only recently became known that for the catalysts of the xenophobe, the divinity and Monte Carlo pictures of bungee were stored in the database. Even the required number of kills to finish the Kat is already visible. For the xenophobe, the exotic machine gun, for example, 400 kills (via light.GG). When the catalysts ultimately come into the game, however, is currently unknown.

What do you say about the announcement that maybe no catalysts will soon be needed to create exotic s spheres of power and thus super energy? Is that a meaningful change? Which exotic does not necessarily need a catalyst?