Marvel Studios Eternals

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is built around the villain Thanos (played by Josh Brain). Even before he had a real appearance, viewers got his face in after-credits scenes and figures in the films spoke often over the villain.

When the Titan then in Avengers: endgame finally found his end, the history of the last 20 years was finished. However, Thanos s influence on the Marvel Universe continues to persist, so viewers of Eternal were welcomed in a post-credits scene of Eros, the brother of Thanos.

Continued without Thanos impossible

For KAZ First, one of the authors of the movie, would be a continuation completely without Thanos almost impossible as he explained in an interview with The Direct:

I believe that there is no way to make Eternal 2 and 3 without mentioning Mr. Bromine.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

It s definitely hard to imagine Harry Styles Eros without having to get at least a few scenes with his brother. These could simply be done in the form of flashback. How did the two brothers agreed? How did Eros deal with the fall of his planet? And what brought him to the path that he is currently shaking?

Of course, it would also be possible that Thanos is upset from the dead. At the Marvel Universe, something would not be the first time.

From Daniel Link
13.11.2021 at 19:32