F chse Berlin against Magdeburg the handball

Füchse Berlin - SC Magdeburg ● FULL MATCH ● Handball Bundesliga 2020
Hate? As far as Stefan Kretzschmar does not want to go. It s more of a deep dislike, said the sports chief of the Fuchs Berlin with Magdeburg paste in front of the handball summit of the two surprise teams on Saturday (18:05). Kretzschmar knows what he s talking about. For eleven years, the former world-class left outside threw his gates for the SC Magdeburg, two years there was sport director. Now he has been working for the foxes since January 1, 2020 — and is looking forward to a duel of the two arch rivals under very special signs.

Before a million audience at the best broadcasting time (next to Sky also transfers the ARD Live) welcomes the spread of the table from the capital to the still low-loss-free leader. It is a top game that would hardly have considered anyone for possible competition from Flensburg and Kiel in recent years before the season.

Respectively stands for Kretzschmar the change of power

According to the Kretzschmar, there is no total power change, but in perspective in any case. The SCM, which can expand its lead to the Berliner with a victory on a whopping five points, be Currently the measure of all things. But also the foxes are on a perfect way after we were still miles last season behind Kiel and Flensburg.

Especially the Magdeburg has been great for months. While the Berliner under the week at the runner champion in Flensburg collected their first season defeat (23:28), the team of coach Bennet weighed with 20: 0 points above the rest of the league and has an additional thrust through the profit of the World Cup in October receive. The 25: 24-success with fresh on Göttingen was already crossing the 17 victory in series.

In Magdeburg, Unrestrained Alfred Gílson was recently recognizing, a superior work was done. They have the width and can replace each player almost equivalent. And so at the GDR serial master of the 1980s almost inevitably reminders of the last championship title in 2001. A coup like at that time under a certain coach called Gílson and with a certain player named Kretzschmar suddenly seems realistic.

But the Kretzschmar, whose son plays in the youth of the SCM, preferably prevent. Since he has started his post as a sports council with the foxes, the club is successively uphill. Already in the past season Berlin had taken care of the headlines with ten victories for headlines with ten wins. On Saturday, Kretzschmar wants to put the next exclamation mark with the foxes.