GTA Trilogy activation is approaching closer

With the GTA Trilogy, Rockstar Games relies on three games from the Grand Theft Auto series for current systems. The release is shortly before: The game collection appears on November 11 — first digital for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch. On time at midnight, however, you can not Boötes through the streets of the GTA metropolises. As Rockstar Games says on his website, GTA Trilogy is only available from 16 pm of German.

The activation is carried out worldwide, as well as the map inserted below shows the Twitter users Video tech known for his reporting around Rockstar Games. By the way: In the PSN, it displays an incorrect countdown timer as Rock star reports on his support website. The GTA Trilogy also starts on PlayStation only at 16 o clock — and not as shown in the store at midnight.

Since last weekend, the preloads can be made on the consoles for the GTA Trilogy. Pre-ordered thus get the opportunity to pull the necessary data in advance to your hard drive. Just in time for activation on the morning launch day, you can get into the new editions. PC players (Rockstar Games Launcher) Start the downloads only to Launch: Preloads are not possible here.

For the 7th of December, Rock star also announced a disc version for consoles. Most recently, we reported to Gameplay Leaks for GTA Trilogy, which showed one day before release on the Internet. Rockstar Games, on the other hand, recently released individual GIF animations that show iconic moments from GTA games. For the new edition, the developers promise a polished technique with high-resolution textures, a better foresight and a control of GTA 5.

From David Martin

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