In Genshin Impact all celebrate just Husbandos instead Waifus What makes the two new male hero so popular

Soon the LiveStream appears to Patch 2.3 Monensin Impact. This update seems to contain only male characters and even players prefer to prefer female figures celebrate it totally. Mango reports for you why the two new male heroes and the patch are so popular.

Which two new characters are? It s about the muscular Arawak INTO and the sweet Good. When Sen shin Impact announced the two heroes some time ago on Twitter, it did not take 30 minutes, and they were already in the trends with thousands of tweets.

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The two collected Retweets and Likes in record time and thus overtook the announcement of the all-way female character Maiden Shogun in a hurry. While Maiden to date could collect around 24,000 Retweets and 90,000 likes (via Twitter), INTO already has 103,000 Retweets and 259,000 Likes (via Twitter).

Good had more interactions collecting as Maiden Shogun, but Genesis deleted the old tweets from him and wrote new ones as they have changed something at the artwork of Good (Via Twitter). This currently has only 9,000 Retweets and 75,000 Likes (Via Twitter).

Even the last two announcements to coming female figures were not considered as strong as DITTOS and POROUS. Pries tin Kokomo just managed to reach 15,000 Retweets and 72,000 likes (via Twitter), while fireworks champion Oriya was able to get 34,000 retweets and 131,000 likes (via Twitter).

However, there is a third party in the hypothermia BAND: Albedo will most likely create it as RERUN in Patch 2.3. Previously, there were only leaks and speculation, but in Announcement Tweet of Genshin Impact is Albedo to see what makes a RERUN very likely (Via Twitter).

With another figure called Natalia in Patch 2.2 was the same. They saw him as an announcement, and he also got a Rerun donated.

When and where the Livestream comes? The LiveStream will take place at 13 o clock on November 12th. Streamed is impact on the Twitch channel of Genshin Impact (via Twitch).

Reasons for the hype of the two new male characters

Why are the players looking forward to the male heroes? There could be three relevant reasons for the joy about the characters. The first would be that since the release of Trauma there was no new male 5-star figures, so the hype about into is so great.

Thomas is the first hero, besides women,

Maiden Shogun,
and Kokomo

Was introduced as a new male 4-star character in Patch 2.2. He was also allowed to harvest a lot of fame and hype by gathering around 47,000 Retweets and 145,000 Likes on Twitter (via Twitter). This shows that players really want more male heroes like Good and INTO and not just a flood of Waifs.

What are Waifs and Husbands? Derived the words of English terms Wife (= wife) and Husband (= husband). These terms are used primarily in the figures that one particularly likes and belong to their own absolute favorites. Waif and Husband is particularly used in fictional characters, such as anime, manga or games in cartoon optics.

Overall, there are 28 female and 13 male playable figures in the game. Accordingly, it can be understood that some fans rush so much on the men. The first reason would be the imbalance and the lack of male characters.

The second reason is probably simply the unique look of the two newcomers. So far, there are no characters that are built as INTO or a mix of dogs and people are like Good.

While several fans want to touch Porous Fluffy Earth, the rest of DITTOS washboard and muscles.

The community responded to INTO and GOOD:

Khoi Day: good appetite (Via Twitter).
Tokyo expires into directly: Oh no, I love him (Via Twitter).
RADDREW42 says to Good: I will powder him, even if his element does not work with my team (via Reddit).
Illegally summarizes the positive reactions of most users with a zoom on DITTOS washboard:

The third reason would be the element of the two. Because the Geo element is least represented with a total of 4 characters. The other exist in this number:

Pro: 10
Kayo: 9
Electric: 7
Hydro: 5

Furthermore, Good is the first geography hero, which carries a bow as a weapon. Many fans are just done by him.

Into and Good could become an upwind for Geo with their abilities and make it much stronger. However, what the two have exactly for skills has not been officially known. This will be released in the LiveStream on Friday, and we will of course tell you about Mango.

Even the rerun of albedo reaps tidy Rating: Since Albedo was last available for Christmas in 2020 and many players there were newcomers or no Gen shin played Impact, they are happy that they finally get the chance, the strong to pulled Geo sub-DPS.

Under the tweet from Genshin Impact some celebrating players (via Twitter) found:

616chive posting proud his 130 collected Pulls and writes: Thanks, I m ready for albedo.
Also task has farmed hardworking and has 9 Pulls and 30,000 veteran. Pspspspsps, albedo, come on
EI en Ni snaps off completely and gets plenty of consent:

Top 10 Husbandos and Waifus in Genshin Impact

Even Waif fans celebrate the Husband patch

While tons of money and bedrock in the last banner of the strong women HU Tao, Maiden Shogun and Ayala flowed are (via genshinlab), many need to save, according to his own statements now. They see the patch as a good opportunity to gather resources for future female characters.

You do not mind that now the Husband craze has broken out and take a break from banner contractions until the next heroines are available.

Under the Reddit thread with the official Live Stream Announcement players following statements (via Reddit) meet:

Haiku said: Nice, now I feel less bad that I have spent rod Homey all my bedrock for the first constellation of HU Tao and.
Lunch fires to: Good luck Husbando-simps! Let Waifu-simps rest.
Ritsuka-san notes that those who Gansu want are probably sad, but responds DarkKnight53 with the approval of some users, Shhh, I have not saved enough.

Patch 2.3 of Genshin Impact is longed for by many fans, and they look forward to the banners. But what do you think? Heard the faction Save or spending in the next update? Like to send us your thoughts in the comments.

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