LOL A whole participant in Worlds 2021 will be in Superliga next year

Lucasfilm Gaming, from 1991 to 2021 Lucas arts Entertainment Business LLC (brief LEC or Lucas arts) is the business name of the 1982 division of George Lucas of Lucasfilm Ltd. While Lucasfilm Gaming worked mostly as developers of computer games, particularly Journeys, particularly adventures, the Celebrity Wars Video Gaming under this tag were published from completion of the 1990s. In 2012, the then understood under Lucas arts was gotten by Disney. Since April 2013, Lucas arts has actually only been working as licensors for video games after a restructuring measure of Disney. That continued to be 2021 after relabeling in the old name.

The trip of FANATIC to the worlds this year was painful and full of dramas. Grueling by the abandonment of Upset, the players did not adapt well to the change, and it cost them a first week of defeats to reach a certain level. Even so, the last minute substitute, the young Louis Bean Schmitz was not at all a ballast. Without a party of LEC in his record, he went from facing Media, Matt or Amulet at the European Masters to have to compete against DEFT or GALA in the Worlds. The difference was huge, but the German ADC responded too wonderfully.

Although we hope to see him land in LEC next year after his good performance, it seems that his future is not so brilliant… according to Woo loo, he would stay at fanatic, but to play in the Spanish superior of League of Legends Inside of the AcademiaFnatic Team Cheese. Although we are delighted to see him in the LAP competition, did not they deserve a position in LEC?

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What is particularly surprising is that it is a signing market in which several ADC s from ERAS have found equipment in LEC, but not Bean. Flanked (Mad Lions Madrid) would be the new Holder shooter in G2 and Unf0ragiven (SK Prime) would arrive at the double champions in Europe. They have a good reputation and are considered tremendously promising players. As always, we have no idea of ​​the workouts performed and the tests, but after the performance in the strange worlds do not see Bean to LEC.

After this, it is necessary to underline the player s contractual situation. Bean has a contract with FANATIC that extends until the end of 2022. If a team wanted to sign, it would be necessary to have paid a transfer. We do not know the price of it, but maybe I can represent an obstacle to some. In addition, Bean might want to take the time of him and continue growing within the Academy team. Everyone dreams of LEC, but each goes to their own rhythm.


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