Corona case at the national team

This article presents the checklist of episodes of the US fact document Catfish: false identity, program since November 12, 2012, on MTV. In France, it has actually been transmitted because November 17, 2013, on the French variation of the chain.

Head Coach of the Grenada National Team

As the DFB announced on Tuesday, a national player was positive on Monday. The person concerned, which was insulated immediately, is therefore vaccinated and symptom-free. According to the picture, it is Bavaria-Defense Niklas Sure, who had been positively tested a positive one year ago.

On instruction of the health office, four more players in quarantine must also be quarantined, according to DFB information, because they were classified as contact persons in category 1 despite negative tests. The DFB had previously canceled the team training scheduled for Tuesday at short notice. Already on Monday, national coach Hans Flick had nominated the Leverkusen defender Jonathan TAH, but the DFB does not deliver a statement for this.

The number of corona infections has risen greatly again nationwide. Therefore, during the last international measure of the year, we consistently continue the hygiene and behavioral rules to act as responsible as possible in the current infection events, becomes Oliver Bailiff, Director National teams and academy, quoted on Tuesday. This news is so shortly before the final two games in the World Cup qualifier very bitter — for the coaching team as for the entire team. But health is a matter of course. I wish the positively tested player s fast recovery and that it remains symptom-free.

On Thursday (20.45, live! At team), the DFB selection in Wolfsburg Underdog Liechtenstein receives at the penultimate game in the World Cup qualifier. Three days later, Armenia is hosting for Flicks Team, which is already qualified for the World Cup.