Vegan trend The car is the leather

Leather Goddesses of Phobos is an interactive fiction video game composed by Steve Marty as well as published by Info com in 1986. It was launched for the Amiga, Amtrak CPC, Amtrak PC, Apple II, Macintosh, Atari 8-bit family members, Atari ST, Commodore 64, TI-99/ 4A and also MS-DOS. The video game was Info com s initial sex farce, including selectable sex and also naughtiness — the last ranging from tame to lewd. It was among 5 top-selling Info com titles to be re-released in Solid Gold versions. It was Info com s twenty-first game.

For decades, it has been a status symbol: Who could afford his car endowed with fine leather. But that was before the cars started to drive electric — and found a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle becoming more widespread. According to research institute Statista, around 7.5 million people as a vegetarian arrange a Germany-wide.

The electrical and the Vegan Trend meet on an eco-level. Because it is the buyer of the new electric cars, whose focus is on sustainability. Animal meat many not come not in the car at the plate and animal skin. If DS, the luxury brand from the actuating Antis Group, advertises in the top model DS9 only mosquito bite free leather of Bavarian process Highland cattle, said clients detects the horror.

See the vegan revolution in cars

luxury without leather

Other manufacturers the inner animal welfare label is that customers who are for the beautiful, chic — but very aware to be enthusiastic new electric world — and often expensive. BMW refers the seats of its new electric luxury SUVs ix still with leather, but offers for each trim level, of course, an alternative how project manager Johann Sister says. Capra banished leather nearly completely of his Ströer Born, it may provisionally remain only on the steering wheel. Our customers are young, says Francesca Manually, who heads the Color and Trim area for them is leather no code for sportiness more.

Volvo has with the self-restraint of its models to 180 km / h already unusual paths traveled, the electricians XC40 and C40 Recharge now presented completely and abgeledert. As advanced automobile manufacturers, we have to deal with all aspects of sustainability, not only with the CO2 emissions, explains Stuart Templar, Volvo the man for resource conservation. Responsible Procurement Policy, also with respect for animal welfare, was an important part of this work.

material of marine plastic

Capra Born: Instead of leather are covered the seats with the recycled material Dina mica. Capra

On jute or even plastic certainly not a passenger of hip new Ströer court must take. The alternatives to leather are all high-tech materials and as such, at least as most capable. Not only Capra used Dina mica a microfiber fabric, originally — was developed for racing and properties similar Alcántara has, but is made from recycled material — non-slip there. As in Capra Born is also available on the Fiat 500E Equal that has previously spilled a sea of ​​plastic in the waves. And Volvo has developed Nordic, a material that is partly attributable to recycled PET bottles and cork from the wine industry.

Other approaches lead towards a leather-like material from pineapple leaves, the Spanish inventor Carmen Mimosa Pirates baptized. Or organic leather from mycelium of the Californian start-ups Ductworks; the material has already been processed by the Hermes luxury label to a bag.

Also wool to make way

The next step leads up to the car with completely vegan interior. What that means, the animal rights group PETA defined in such a way that all surfaces must be made of the seats on the shift knob to interior trim fabric or synthetic leather and not allowed to be employed animal materials such as leather and wool. For now asserts about Volvo to tolerate only suppliers that have been certified for responsible procurement. Animal origin as well as residual products can be found in art, adhesives and lubricants are used, respectively (as a process chemical) in their production. So you take the thing with the car vegan Ernst, would also need to be replaced.

On the Internet (as of January 2021 www.peta.de) lists PETA vehicles with Vegan interior. In order to find mention, of course, not a high price even electric drive are required. This proves the Dacia Duster — the not relies on animal materials, but everything on inexpensive plastic.