Call of Duty Vanguard Beste Controller

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There are many settings in Call of Duty: Out cover all aspects of the game. It s fine-tuning can significantly increase your gameplay performance, but with so many options, where you can manipulate this can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, we have a guide to best controller settings in Call of Duty:. Vanguard This manual covers basic controls, advanced controls, weapons and equipment, movement and action behavior settings.

Best basic control settings in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: 5-6
sensitivity of the vertical sticks: 5-6
Multiplier for the sensitivity of land vehicles: 1:00
Multiplier for the sensitivity of aircraft: 1:00
ADS sensitivity multiplier: 0.90 to 0.80
Custom sensitivity per Zoom: from
default for Keyboard Layout: Personal Preference
Vertical goals (on foot): Standard
vertical target (ground vehicles): Standard
Vertical target (aircraft): Standard
target response curve Type: Standard
Controller Vibration: Personal Preference
Trigger Effect: Personal Preference
weapons fire threshold: Personal Preference

Awareness is the most important setting in Call of Duty: Out, and that requires the most fine-tuning. In our experience, 5-6 Horizontal and vertical sensitivity sweet spot. It allows for faster movement, without being completely inaccurate. Start with 4 and work your way between games up to find out what s best for your playing style. Standard sensitivity aircraft and ground vehicles is completely in order, but you can increase or decrease it at will.

For ADS sensitivity, which is the sensitivity when aiming your gun, we have determined that 0.90 enabled us to accurately shoot without losing too much speed. Similar to the stick sensitivity, the best ADS-sensitivity for you may be completely different from someone else. Work your way down and evaluate how well your accuracy and how fast you are targeting before you can shoot. You can use Custom sensitivity per Zoom to the sensitivity of different zoom distances adapt once you get used to the required sensitivity. However, we recommend this off for now.

Vertical target On soil, air and foot you are best at Standard, but if you are used to inverted controls, you can like to change. controller vibration depends entirely on personal preferences, but can be useful for weapons feedback.

Trigger Effect is a pure-PS5 function to convey the feeling that you really pull the trigger of the gun that you fire; On or off does not affect most of your performance. weapons fire threshold simulates the trigger of a weapon in the game that fires when it is pressed over a certain threshold. This can be useful to prepare the fire when it is turned on but the switching off can also lead to an immediate and rapid firing. We recommend trying both options before you choose one.

Finally, target response curve Type is best left for most players usually on Standard. If you play other FPS and find that you prefer linear or dynamic curves, you can select them happy.

Advanced Controls

ADS sensitivity transition date: Immediate
. ADS Sens multiplier (Permanent objective): 1
Stick layout Default: Standard
Controller Orientation: High
ADS stick swap: from
Min. Eingangstotzone the left trigger: 5
Min. Eingangstotzone the right trigger: 5
Min. Eingangstotzone the left stick: 10
Min. Eingangstotzone the right stick: 10
Max. Eingangstotzone the left stick: 99
Max. Eingangstotzone the right stick: 99

The most options of advanced control are standard and can optimally except the Min. Eingangstotzone the left and right trigger. Reducing this setting can be advantageous, especially in older controllers and stiff thumb sticks, as this reduces the amount of movement that is required for an input in the game.

the best weapons and equipment settings Call of Duty: Vanguard

Destination aid: one
Destination Support Mode: Standard
ADS target aid: one
Activation of the weapons: ADS + melee
End the movement of the weapons render: one
Weapon switch for used ammo: one
Blind fire: personal preference

Similar to Advanced Controls, the default settings are absolutely optimal. If you are used to Call of Duty: black ops Cold War is target aid, you can change target auxiliary mode, which can be found as a suboption under Target Aim Assist to black ops. Focusing can also help players who are newly using controllers for ego shooters, but at some point should be switched to standard. Finally, hold blind fire one or off depends on the personal preferences. It allows you to shoot enemies while hiding behind objects, with the disadvantage that they have hindered the view.


Automatic flying coat: Partial
Queues in the mantle pose: on
Automatic sprint: off or automatic tactical sprint
Move automatically forward: Off
Sprint breaks the reloading: on
Sprinting door strike: on

Choose whether you want to use Automatic sprint or not is the only option you need to worry about moving. If you prefer to always sprint if you come forward, select Automatic Tactical Sprint. If you prefer more control when sprinting, leave it as a default option.

Action behavior

Foil behavior: Tap
Sprint / tactical sprint behavior: Switch
AIM DOWN Site behavior: Holding (locked if you have selected automatic tactical sprint)
Device behavior: Stop
Steady target behavior: Stop
Automatic fire behavior of weapons: Stop
Interaction / recharge behavior: Tap to reload
Behavior of the scoreboard: Switch

The only option you need to behave in action behavior is slide behavior. Changing holding on tap allows you to slide much faster. The faster you can glide, the faster you can perform tactical movements to escape death or to land fast kills.

This makes our guide to the best controller settings in Call of Duty: Vanguard. It is important to think about trying different settings to see which suits you best. Everyone has a different game style and the controllers themselves can even distinguish themselves.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC via Battle.net.