Battlefield 2042 s open beta s rust with the future release

On November 19, the day is Battlefield 2042: n official release date. The open game experiment came from 8 to 10.10. for the period. Pre-buyers reached the battlefield a few days earlier: as early as 6 days. Game 30 hours later feelings are mixed: the potential definitely is, but there are also things which require digesting.

The publication had to happen as early as October. Myöhästymisuutinen not directly by surprise in these times of difficult. Despite this, the air was a little surprise, as the publication moves vain months. Why do you think some game there is time to really hone in a month? However, it has been working on for years. Or is just a delay for other reasons? Would this be a schedule of trickery?

Regards nickname: Christmas Market by force if necessary.

The future will be different

Bullets fly, in principle, directly and farther away, and there is space for magazine more. That s brings the caricature. Battlefield is a game as a series of dwell with a few play a role in the most recent past, which is why the future is already being felt, in principle, avoid stimulants. So we have not, however, too sci-Fi based on the beta, even if part of the running games toimiikin clearly with electric current (Cyber ​​Truck ftw!). The player can even order a chest cannon à la featured a robot dog Boston Dynamics, sans cannon.

Battlefield showed new game could be described as follows: the rapid, dynamic and hmm, long-lasting.

The rapid because the action is napakkaa. Outdoor exercise is done while a couple of notches more convenient and, above all, the enemy was firing does not need to cut lippaallista, so that the routines run out. War kills.

Dynamic because the outcome of the battle became increasingly depends on what kind of environment you ll do as a fighter. In the wrong place rähiseminen lead to death. Said promptness liipaten movement is performed found shelter. Weapons are modern and, above all, adaptable to different situations – more on this later.

Economical because of the large-scale mähinöissä now has 128 people on the battlefield. 64 of the 64 players allows for large maps and clearly different areas within them. In certain areas of conquest points is a strong defender of the foot of a man, where some of the conquest of the score obtained, in turn, possession of more easily without vehicles.

Side Note: There is, however, almost no doubt that the game will be found, the legendary Metro-field, such as meat grinders, where the players came to the blind savukranaattien marinating the tunnel. Something for everybody. Such a narrow and intense lahtaussuppilo game series is already a tradition.

The most significant issue is the fact that the franchise Are my friends here ruudinkatkuisen the familiar scent – and what others might this tuumaavat.

Open the test period seemed Battlefield -peliltä. It is the most important. Changes are in the air, and combined with a raft of beta bugisuuteen, as well as outright burnout characteristics, it is impossible to say anything about this ylirohkaisevaa fans.

It should just focus on the fact that yes there all at the core of some sort was Battlefield. then there is one thing that for what it is revealed with time after the actual release.

Game design in the near future puitteineen and self-gaming becomes Ponteva Call of Duty -vibat. Fully clinical reaktiohippaan hustle is not based on the beta, however, and moved to a certain kind of environments organicity and dynamism are still being felt.

Significantly, albeit the job is quite a lot faster and all that last time and milieu destruction again a couple of notches lower. Again.

Good: Chime with us into shape

By far the best reform occurred arms of specialized equipment in the field – to be precise in how quickly the arms Chime can be selected and changed. It is happening now during the match. Pressing the button opens a menu, which can be simply activate the desired equipment. Additional changes in different parts of the arms also appear on the screen visually.

Earlier practice was to that end death vigilance in menus and to select the desired Chime weapon. This was a fundamental problem: the situation is different in different kilkkeistä benefit and the situation in which you died is probably already over when you get back to the birth of the tuiskeeseen. The ability to exchange, the sight intended for shorter distance moves indoors s wars to fight poskettoman feel good, and above all to make sense.

Fundament of colistin. By enabling during the game kilkkeiden primary interest is calculated, right-gun (guns) importance. In previous versions of the game tark ampuja killed you, almost without exception pistol / revolver in the gunfight took place tighter indoors. Will handgun longer has any role if pääporalla can turn now, and at close range that far away?

Yes. The gun came käyteltyä even perhaps more than in the past. One reason for this is simply that all the weapons are inherently more efficient.

More cogent reason for digging the gun seemed to be that the stakes truly run out main weapon. Beta test field was not large equipment boxes sprinkled along the breadth of the conventional ways. The change felt especially in the beginning of time and their own much fussing had a little bit to think again.

Rankomisen limited resource requires a second gun use, not to mention the contribution boxes viskelevistä the pitch with the players.

Evil: Bots

The article referred by the movie the way it is evil to fucking the most even in this aspect of the whole. When the news came about the fact that the missing players would be replaced maps bot was the main feeling undeniably stunned. Partly because in the pakkoko is of the devil stick it to 128 soldiers hunting ground, if such issues encountered in the development phase.

Of course it is understood that the match is obtained necessities warm start when the part is replaced with a bot. The heat of battle bots are easy to replace then with real players.

Bot presence will surely bring success to any feelings pelaajasegmentille. Artificial Intelligence gaming behavior was at least open beetassa pretty dull to watch: standing still in the middle of a big yard or flying contraption at a snail s pace.

First-hand the most frankly pissed off with this arrangement is that the bots can also cause your death – and I am not talking about the poor helicopter flying.

5 Interesting Details about the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta

You see when I come to the opening is always a kind of commitment, as Dark Soulseissa shock taking. If you start thinking about either easy kalpaten. Battlefieldin case, it often happens that while shooting someone might notice human player you either sound, the gun suuliekin or witnessed gunfire.

In earlier parts was quite common for someone to nitistettyäsi you find yourself in the same on the rafters. While shooting the enemy who is revealed bot (reads the obituary) is the same exchange trading front – with the difference that the bot is why dying feels like fucking shit. Simply because of the bots is not really any danger (or benefit) on the battlefield. You will only avail yourself to unmask the opposite party.

Ugly: Specialists

Alleviate rumors that the game would have started its life as the beginning of a kind of Overwatch-iteration is easy to believe. The previous strict class-based character breakdown assault, medic, sniper and support specialists is twisted to form. Each specialist is a character / person / personality / hero who has a special ability. Just as in those referenced in an arena shooter.

Webster Mackay is assault-role and intended for mobile. Erikoiskykynä can be found grappling hook, which allows access to higher positions quickly. Support-inspired engineer Pyotr Boris Guskovsky can throw down the gun turret, Maria Falck delivers kenttälasaretin the role of the gun, which can plaster team members distances. Tark ampujalta successful etätiedustelu remote controlled drone means.

What this specialist design are then doing evil?

Not necessarily anything. Look at the specialist also allows for hassle that can be used with any character class barreled rifles. Yes, also because lekurilla can now be tark ampujan rifle. Equipment can take the cross and thus enjoy the freedom of a kind not previously had.

The problem rises when the matter comes to the question team play. With freer sounds good on paper, but in practice is another country. For example, a rocket launcher and other distributed input box inhabit the same is provided with a list of slots.

Several hundred hours of random-operation follows the players can say that the majority of the team is not much interested in playing. In the past, either. Result there are specialists brought about by the reform / change / evolution does not change much of anything.

My quirky figures is the fact that Battlefield 2042 at the buttons of the opposition of the US and Russian militaries share these specialists. perceived Venäläisalkuiseksi engineer Boris also found in identical Yankee ranks where Jake Gyllenhaal Evening spectacular Mackay to be able to fight the hammer and sickle star.

128 soldier tanner completed in ten specialists.

For the first time in the series in the history of the spotted tiiraavansa in more detail, I wonder if that brings got to the bottom vipeltäjä the enemy or your own. Each time the game indicators and the indicators were not seen. Perhaps the job for you then acts as the actual publication. The actual Friendly Fireä game is not so of its own can not be killed by shooting. However, the lack of clarity brings across situations where your opened fire reveals the counterparty on the location, and you will soon be history.

Of course, not to say that there would be between the good matches, without a bunch of people at our own game. It s been wonderful, and will be found.

However, the reality is that from ten hours when eating nine-time shit so it does not remain unacceptably taste when the cheekbones are already full of it in it.

Top Gun to Top Gun s place

In the eye of the open beta s comments, it has certainly been unable to avoid an ulina about airframes. For the first time, for years came to the Vispila Calculation and good it felt. For your own keyboard, flying has felt just as natural as playing FPS games, but when you hit the head to fly to flying, you opened a new dimension.

Flying has been made easy. In a way, he came to the halo game set and how the gambling games are directed. Realism to hell and fun-knobs to southeast.

This will surely share the gang and the sworn pilots are likely to be in their snakes, as the pilot place is now a queue. The preceding part battlefield v served as a kind of duckling, with genuinely good pilots felt completely overwhelming. Killed in the country, at sea and in the air. Training This was insisted and could not be annoyed.

Good players are good and the externals are ridiculous.

The superiority of the airflows was highly emphasized during the test, due to the fact that the gap was not part of the aircraft or did not simply have chosen as a foothold it is blue – one missile when nothing falls from the sky to be able to sow all the pants to explode. Air control of footwriters levees strongly for team game where additional rockets are screened from the thrown batch box.

Reciprocally it s superficially perhaps a boring gambling game, a kind of armored car, was then a completely superior whites.

As a foothold, you often noticed that they dug the tasting of the singer to scare the airfight out of the area. This managed almost without exception and promoted the area of ​​the area comfortably.

Ulina Airfowl overwhelming is not fully winded. The smallest helicopter slides with its decomposed rocket lavers at the bigger battalion and the accompanying attack helicopter put the tanks on the tanks. Airplanes were left for less use than perhaps due to that whistle.

Airfowl was also a familiar crew transport device. Here and now you can promise that a good pilot in such a needle will be to determine the passage of the battle. The question will rise to the fact that how many chooses dull flying instead of being a counterparty. There are no weapons in the carriage of transport.

of the fighting stereo

The Open Beta Field is a large area of ​​Orbital, where there is really a genuine time for running through the map through the map. The transition from different areas is clearly designed to take place primarily using the cables. Several people seemed to belong to the fact that how boring this is, the action breaks and keeps drinking the cock to get back to fire.

If you have to be in the middle of no-anything then it s possible.

For your own, I took the distances as a tasting element. The rules are all the same and here are now also measured that how tactically can look at the conquest of the map. The importance of gathering is emphasized, as the sensible movement of your team is of great importance to the end of Mats. Keeping together and after death, the importance of the emergence in the vicinity of your own gaming tree is emphasized. The guilty of hevon is found in the mirror.

The game was a conquest game suitable for chaotic war, a kind of king of the hill. There are several points in the field where you have to have your own flag to take up a rod in the rod. Attack and defensiveness for every direction.

As some kind of special elements, there are varying weather conditions, as well as some kind of space rocket. Unfortunately, preventing or securing the output of the spacecraft did not seem to bring anything else to this than a visual fine moment where the rocket engines can be enormously enhanced around the smoking smoke. Reciprocally smoke also arises from when the rocket explodes. The visual rocket pattern is more interesting was a tornado that swept around the area (apparently / maybe) a random route.

Tornado naturally affects airfares and infantry visibility. Electromagnetic field disorders are also mixed with radar systems and must be acting almost a blindfold, on your own eye and detection. Flying a water session to scatter those hobbyists from genuine top guinnares.

The characteristic magnitude of the game developer for DICE s battlefield series did not actually caused more specialized delights – novelty. A pretty game of course is, but the destruction of environments and the major massive dynamic elements felt to be important elements for authors. A visually game series seems to take a backbone of what battlefield 1 reached.

Levoluutio was also back in some kind of developer, however, the term to describe the dynamic battlefield, where conditions may vary greatly – and hence the fighting.

As an example, a few games ago was the dam area, which when broken to change the junction vetisemmäksi.

Since then, this grandiose new toitotusta has been shut down. Environments destruction of war rytkeessä is present, but the implementation is much more conservative, and even frankly boring. If Battlefield Games is a certain issue is always connected so it was a good crash, and literally the next war destruction. Perhaps the wild visions around the swiveling terrain and tuusan nuuskaksi cannon demolished buildings would be feasible if the playing field would be fewer players. 128 is a ridiculous amount of loess when everyone was hammered terrain explosives with other sun formula over and over.

Was Orbital then a good open field test?

Perhaps the matter could express better so that its grinding for hours began attending boring. with respect to all the obvious bugikorjauksien the game and missing features (such as releasing a bigger map at the bottom of the screen) are the game developers have taken feedback. For example, the number of tanks is doubled – which seems rather hasty solution, and alter the field of gaming quite a substantive manner.

Premature because the bugs and shortcomings, taking into account how feedback can be pulled any significant conclusions that would improve the actual release version of the game?

There is nothing, of course, prevent dropping the number of tanks, but tietäähän what it says when the child sucker exported to the hand.

Bug Field 2042

Indeed, the bugs found in beta. Someday, if something worked, one did not. For some players, this was insurmountable, but these missed completely the fact that just because there is an open testing: in order to obtain things to test and try, perhaps even changing on the fly.

Online forums were also mentions of hackers, but personally disagrees become a collision. Previous to hacker familiar with the behavior of elements and smells unnoticed miles. The game has been introduced in the EAC software (Easy Anti-Cheat), which should be able better to root out cheaters from the game. It gives good tools for administrators to trace the problem cases. In fact, I m not going to arrest this rolling by respiration, but leave room for positive surprises.

Maybe I am somewhat skeptical about it, I do not think anything very active testing out or retouching occurred based on an open test. Now mainly collected data. Repairs and modifications ingested together then after the release.

the encountered bugs checklist:

✓ the emergence of 100 meters in the wild

✓ Insinöörispesialistin automatic machine gun fell to 7/10 erection of the impressions of the

As ✓ fell also thrown to the input box

✓ Died enemy plots in an upright, when it was shooting reveal your location to others

✓ Tutkagranaatti (mikälie sonar) fiftisiksti works, mostly not at all

✓ simulator Doom-between was not able to aim up and down (also jumping over obstacles disabloitui Random)

✓ Lentohärvelillä by alarms ohjuslukituksista fell from off

✓ Hitmarkkerit either reflected, then most often or not

The things that simply was not included (but was in need of):

✓ The map could not be opened, but were dependent on a postage stamp-sized version

✓ To mark the team s own work the hell badly, practically nil,

✓ A clear result of the match after the table became exhausted after – and because revives (ie other players to save the moribund) made a comeback, it would be necessary to rub this all important issue naamoille

Probably these were others, but personally this test period was superficially quite positive vibes. Of course, in this changing world weighs purely by the fact that the new group of friends getting to be ground.

side of some things can not predict the long run. In a way, it would be expected that these things are all right in, but how it is nowadays no longer know these. Unfinished games are being received in the past.

technical välikaneetti

Beta milled assembly Nvidia 3090, i7-8700K and 32 of the RAM. Win 10 SSD. A resolution of 4K frames are felt somewhere around 100 to remain in the settings maxed out – the operation and the rotation of the regulations should not be the basis of these trial periods terribly conclusions to draw.

Expected DLSS 2.0. beetassa feature was not active. In addition, the second graphics card equipment manufacturer Nvidia s visual fineness, ie RTX was not in use. then the third specialty Nvidia Reflex, in turn, was – this should reduce the latency, ie the time which elapses between a click and the screen from occurring. Frankly, I can not say anything about this – all negative.

In rotation, there was a traditional development time of the development time and, on their own, I am prepared for this publication. Nevertheless, the bundling as a foothold felt again more versatile and better – some things did not just hit their uom by first working.


Actually, the only thing that has noticed this is a wish to have remained the same for the last X publication: when your own group is for a reason or another, it would be nice if the guys playing with other groups would appear even under other colored symbols as a mass. Although, but because of the fact that the job would seem more together from playing – no matter how much there in Discord about the objects of myself.

They are not preceded by battlefields no perfect games have been, but so only they have become ground. BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2 s Sun other Better Bäfien memoirs often forgetfully forgets that each part takes a series forward. It was tried by the Porkska I BATTLEFIELD 4, and can say that, even though it is nostalgia there, it was it but Piruvie rugged.

Modern conveniences, more sophisticated technology and the smoother implementation of things is what it s the only Shigerukin in the Picture County is a job in style: gameplay is a king.

The subjects of their own buttons seem to focus on things that do not seem to the end of the thought ja / or demanding melting. For these things, these things will not be able to do anything and the loudly player minority attempting to patch the package with measures that are not related to the origin of the groove in any way.

It s this funny perimeter we love to rotate: the next game battlefield 2042 is remembered by heat and all new is fucked.

From the best thing about this (kin) in the game, it will be that if it does not like, so there are other games. The next warlord from the front may then be a couple of weeks after a couple of weeks.