100 million consoles Introduction Ceremony Nintendo Switch Shipments 9 287 million

Nintendo switches have a 100 million shipments. It is a rebalance for a period of March 2017 and has been made for a period of time that is not five years.

PS4 Passes 100 Million Sold, Switch Reaches 36.9 Million - IGN Now

According to the Nintendo IR homepage, as of September 30, 2021, Nintendo switches were shipped 3830,000 in 3Q this year, and a total of 9287 million shipments were recorded. Given that Nintendo s highest number of Wii is a unexpected Wii, the shipments of Nintendo switches, which showed that the Nintendo switches showed in a five-year car, in the case of a 5-year-old shipments. In October, the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which is introduced, has been accompanied by improved resolutions, and the switch sales volume will catch up with Wii. Software also recorded 681 million sheets, and it was reborn as a console platform representing the world.

Nintendo switches have recorded a steady sales of every branch. This is due to the characteristics that monopoly games such as Mario and Animal Forest, Zelda s legend, and pocket monsters are constantly influencing gamers, such as the title and character are loved by a series of new platforms.

Mario celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, and Pocket Monsters also captured many gamers to build a vast world view over 8 generations for 25 years. Gelda s legend or forests of animals are also popular based on steady demand. In addition, a variety of works such as metroids or beyondota and splatoon are series.