Marvel s Avengers Paid Experience Value Boost Item Finish Pay to Win and Criticism

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Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics finished selling items Hero Catalyst Fragment Extractor sold in the Action Adventure Games Marvel s Avengers during delivery I revealed that.

These items can be used to boost experienced values ​​and more. It was sold at the shop in the game from the beginning last month, but it was decided that this time it could be removed. The reason for selling these items is with the expansion of the number of users.

Marvel’s Avengers Paid XP / DRAMA LIES / MONEY !!!!
It is said that because the power does not increase directly, it was considered that Pay to Win would not be Pay to Win for this work Cosmetic element that can be purchased only on the appearance before launch. Sometimes I was declared, many criticisms gathered.

In addition, paid sales of these items are canceled, but now it can be obtained in the game and you can continue to use what is owned.