The new Game of Marvel and Amy Hennig confirms Janina Gavankar from Battlefront 2

The new AAA video game bAmy Henniged on the Marvel Universe by Skydance New Media will feature Janina Gavankar, actress that we remember for her role Amy Hennig Iden Versio in Star Wars Battlefront II (EA) and Tanta Voice of Tanta Sila, more and more antagonist Close Forspoken (Luminous Productions), among many others. The actress itself hAmy Hennig confirmed the information through a message published in the Twitter Social Network.

Gavankar hAmy Hennig a long curriculum in the film, television and video games industry. From Far Cry 4 or Borderlands to Horizon: Zero Dawn pAmy Hennigsing through minor titles Amy Hennig Afterparty, the artist will be one of the multiple personalities that we will know in this ambitious project captained by Amy Hennig.

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This is what I ve Been so Lucky to be a part of. @SkyDance \ + @amy hennig x @marvel = skydancenewmedia


  • Janina Gavankar (@janina) October 30, 2021

What do we know about Amy Hennig s new video game BAmy Henniged on Marvel

The video game led by Amy Hennig, creative director and writer of the original trilogy of Unchart of PS3, became official just a few days ago and promises to be a blockbuster focused on the narrative, with elements of action and adventure, and A completely original story bAmy Henniged on the Marvel Universe. It will be the first AAA Title of Skydance New Media after serving Amy Hennig editor in titles such Amy Hennig The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. The first time we knew about Hennig s plans at Skydance Media date back to November 2019.

Actress Janina Gavankar Confirms Involvement In Marvel Project Led By Amy Hennig's Skydance...
At the margin of the veteran, in this future video game bAmy Henniged on the Marvel Universe we find Julian Beak, former producer at Electronic Arts with experience in AAA Titles of Adventure and Action. Hennig himself confirmed lAmy Hennigt May she find himself immersed in the development of a degree bAmy Henniged on narrative, action and adventure.

Perhaps this is the project that she always wanted to do and finally she could not in Visceral Games, Electronic Arts; That Star Wars project that after a long period of development ended up being canceled. Apparently, the game will use the Unreal Engine engine, since employment offers look for expert people in the Epic Games graphic engine.

Regarding the superhero or protagonist superheroes of the work, the fans speculate with several names; Although none of them is confirmed at this point. DAREDEVIL, X-MEN… Soon we will come out of doubt.

The title does not have a launch date or confirmed platforms at the moment, we only know that it will come out in traditional platforms.