G123 Bivid Army x Kinnikuman collaboration TVCM released A fighter Asaura Sea appears Interview of Asaura Sea TVCM starts from November 13

CTW Corporation has notified that the time-limited collaboration TVCM with the popular cartoon Kinnikuman was released at Vivid Army under delivery in game service G123.

CTW Corporation announces that we have released a limited collaboration TVCM with a popular cartoon Kinnikuman at the Vivid Army, which is being delivered in game service G123. This CM will appear as a fighter.

About new TVCM

【Best date】
November 13, 2021 (Sat)

[Aircraft area]
Nationwide (except for some areas)

[TVCM video 15 seconds version]

Asaura Sea Comment

This time, Bibid Army and Kinn Meatman s collaboration CM will be appeared, and it is Asakura Sea.

In the shooting, it is impressive that I struggled with the bottom and seeing the camera. He is not so difficult as a movement, but in the first place he is not good at true face…. I was laughing. Since I usually don t usually think that I m threatened with a serious face and opponent, I was anxious about good things. As a result, I think that I was able to make a convincing look as a result. As it is the first cut in the CM, please pay attention.

This offer was a reason that there was a request for CM appearance from Vivid Army in February this year, and there was a Dokkiri YouTube project that was dressed for shooting. At that time, since the CM itself was a lie, I was really happy to be able to appear TVCM this time.

As there was a flow of such a story, I also turned the video for YouTube while shooting, but this time I was able to do the discipline. There were two players who played in the shooting studio, and it was quite surprised. I was concentrating on shooting, so I didn t really notice, but it seems to have been in the same place as a staff for a long time. As you plan to release at 20 o clock on Youtube channel, please check here. I think it became a very interesting video.

In addition, the game is also a big deal. There is a semi-final and final, but there will be absolutely won there, so thank you for your support!

Performer Profile

Her brother, with the future of the outsider, I was eliminated from the outsider era, and I boasted unwinded in 60 kg or less. She is the third generation Rizin Bantham King. Her own YouTube channel Kai Channel has a total number of channel registrants 10 million people. Spreading the place of her activity.

· YouTube

· Twitter
https://twitter.com/kai 1031

· Instagram
https://www.instagram.com/kai asakura /


Funny fleece Hero Kinnikuman, a manke, friendship, victory, and ever gradually grow up to the strongest man s strongest man…! Such a day for fighting in and outside his ring, there is a troubled offensive and astonishing, a super-special move with a surprise, and there is a broken leg, and a big spectacle that has been impressed with various elements.

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