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The expansion pass for Nintendos subscription membership Switch online ensures the fans for discussions and trouble. Although many were looking forward to playing their beloved N64 classics on the switch, but both the surcharge for the service as well as the quality of the emulation encountered. The frustration now gets the trailer for subscription extension. We ll tell you more about it.

Nintendo Switch Online - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Master downvotes for the trailer

This is what: The expansion pass for Nintendos subscription membership Switch online brings Nintendo 64- and Sega title to the current console. In addition, it also contains a DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, what sounds like a true festival for long-standing fans, however, ensures great trouble, which now makes the trailer noticeable to the extension (via YouTube ).

Here said trailer:

The video achieves a new negative record on the Nintendo-YouTube channel. Currently just under 118,000 thumbs were awarded down – for just under 18,000 upvotes. Fans obviously use the trailer to express their frustration over the extension. Also in the comment section criticism becomes noisy. In addition, Latrodectus Mactans noticed:

Congratulations Federation Force. You are no longer the most heavily called Nintendo Announcement.

Thus, the fan plays on the trailer for controversial multiplayer spinoff, which kept the negative record for a long time.

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That annoys the community

For a big outcry, the extra charge for the expansion pass provided. This beats more to beech, as fans expected that and keep them justified. With 40 euros, the subscription is twice as expensive. In our survey have stated 85% of more than 6,000 readers inside to feel the surcharge as appropriate.

In addition, fans complain about the quality of emulation. For example, INPUT LAGS, problems with online multiplayer in Mario Kart 64, frame rate problems or a button layout, which ensures contactors original games for frown rulers.

What do you think of the thing: Are the many downvotes justified? Have you already forgiven a thumb?