Swords of Legends Online Halloween Brings New Pets a Seasonal Challenge and Rewards

It s time for Halloween once again in Swords of Legends Online. The occasion will certainly range from October 28th to November 18th. You can score new animals, take part in a seasonal obstacle, and also handle your fellow players.

Make Use Of the Abyss Light to go into the Spirit Trip realm as well as eliminate the Blue-green Lantern boss. Whenever you obtain a kill you will certainly obtain Mirror pieces in your inventory. When you get 50 of them you can integrate them for a new pet. You will additionally see that Shenzhou is ready for Halloween. And the Pumpkin Reception Hall is prepared for a team challenge.

You will certainly take a side, either the Hunters or the Jaqo Luanter. The Jaqo Luanter, filled with Halloween puns, actions around in the form of human pumpkins. Their task is to remain away from the Candidates till time goes out. They can do that by flying, or also changing into items to conceal. This team wins if at the very least one gamer is still alive after 4 minutes, and also get factors for just staying alive as long as feasible, and also collecting sweets all over the map.

If you re using the side of the Hunters, they put on pumpkin heads and also go into the banquet hall after the Jaqo Luanter team have had an opportunity to conceal. When the Candidates are in the hall, they can search for the opposing team by utilizing ranged assaults, or feeling to uncover if any Jaqo Luanter are hiding nearby. If they can quest down all the opposing employee and defeat them, they will certainly win. This occasion is open for matchmaking daily from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Swords of Legends Online Halloween (2021) Teaser

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