G123 Vivid Army x Kinnikuman collaboration decision

This is a list of major and minor characters featured in and/or created especially for the Animation Network and also Children WB computer animated series Teen Titans.

CTW Corporation indicated that in Vivid Army, which is delivered in game service G123, a collaboration event with Kinnikuman has been decided.

CTW Co., Ltd. announces that in Vivid Army, which is delivered in game service G123, we will notify you that a collaboration event with Kinnikuman has been decided.

Six super people appear in Bibiami!

Kinnikuman Tereman Robin Mask Warsman The Ninja Kinnikuman Soldier appears in Bibiami with a drawn illustration! You can earn as a hero skin.

Character introduction



Robin Mask


The Ninja

Kinnikuman Soldier

■ Kinniku House, Meet, Mt. Devil also appeared in the game!

Kinniku House appears as a base skin besides hero skins!

Furthermore, in the advanced skin, Kinnikuman & Meet appeared, and as the world boss, the devil general has appeared, and there is a lot of collaboration.

There are many other collaboration items that can only be seen here, such as frames and nameplates that are motifs of Kinnikuman


Funny fleece Hero Kinnikuman, a manke, friendship, victory, and ever gradually grow up to the strongest man s strongest man…!

Such a day for fighting in and outside his ring, there is a troubled offensive and astonishing, a super-special move with a surprise, and there is a broken leg, and a big spectacle that has been impressed with various elements.

Kinnikuman official site

Bibid Army

Vivid Army is an HTML5 game that can be enjoyed by PC and Small Having with Games Service G123 (Giichinisan).

Became a commander of a unique beauty girl who started Aria and Tina and became a commander of the land, sea and empty army and its own base freely, arranged, arranged, and cooperating with friends It is a strategic simulation game that fights against the player s player.

Intuitive operations can be crispy, and cute pretty girl heroes will support the front, so you can easily enjoy deep simulation games.

In addition, with the players, the federation is challenged, the powerful boss is challenged, and it is possible to combine fellowship with friends with the Federation in the server, such as the Federation in the server, etc. Because there is a good looking for a user!

Gameplay URL: https: //s.g123.jp/9vtihfze
Official site: https: //g123.jp/game/23

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Game Title: Vivid Army
Genre: Real-time Strategy
Price: Basic Free (in-game item charge system)
Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/vivid army

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