Fortnite s Strange Golden Cube Is Now Floating At The Facility Of The Map

Fortnite Season 8 is all about the mysterious sentient cubes scattered around the island, and one of them is currently acting extremely strangely— which is really claiming something given that, well, it s already a sentient dice. The golden cube, which some gamers think is the queen cube, has been, like other cubes on the island, gradually rolling around the island a couple of times each day. And now it s floating above The Aftermath, and also some gamers think they know why.

Head into any suit right now and you ll see the golden cube zapping the waters in the crater where the Absolutely no Factor as soon as floated. Dataminers believe it s due to the fact that the dice will soon form a new area of rate of interest (POI), and also they re calling it Cubetown.

The Golden Cube has actually begun to levitate above the Aftermath!!!
(Video by @gameshed ) pic.twitter.com/RZx6EZw0iO

— Shiina???? (@ShiinaBR) October 12, 2021

The factor for that name is evident once you see the dripped video clip from dataminer FortTory. In area of the crater might soon be located a community made completely out of dices. The golden cube has actually currently been seen zapping the other huge dices around the island and developing smaller dices, and now it appears its biggest renovation task yet is underway at the heart of the island.

All Golden Cube Movement in Fortnite Season 8 Pt.5 (Gold Cube Now Inside The Convergence)
Why? Well, nobody actually knows. One noticeable community participant has a bee hive theory and also believes the queen cube is essentially the queen , but also as the concept seems to fit cosmetically, it does not really examine the why of the issue. Impressive loves a secret, so do not anticipate concrete solutions anytime quickly.

Fornite: Bee Hive Concept
Had to actually research just how a Bee Society functions so I hope I have worded it as simply as feasible????
Read as well as I hope you enjoy! pic.twitter.com/ZtiPXgT2l0

— Ako|Fortnite Information???? (@FNChiefAko) September 20, 2021

When it comes to when we can expect this adjustment to occur, an 18.21 hotfix spot is arranged to arrive following Tuesday, October 19, so that feels like a possibility. Along with this new Cubetown POI needs to additionally come the Fortnitemares 2021 obstacles, which will certainly bring with them brand-new mechanics for a limited time and also cost-free cosmetics made just via play.

It s been another active week in the Fortnite world. Don t miss out on the disclose of an Among Us collaboration, the 18.20 spot notes, and the new as well as better Thing Store refund policy.