Fate 2 The season of the worthy begins on March 10

Armen Rasputin s defense to prevent the red army from destroying the last city.

Bungie has the first gameplay trailer for released schicksal 2 season of the worthy. It starts on March 10 and sees the Almighty, the super weapon of the Red Legion, which should destroy the last city. The players have to work with warm-up rasputin to strengthen their defense. Of course there are new exotics and armor parts.

The new game mechanisms include Seraph Towers in Public Events, Bunkers who need to be vacated, and Legendary Lost Sectors that need to be addressed. Tommys Matchbook is the new exotic car gun, while Warmind Khanjali is the new seasonal artifact. And of course, the processes against Osiris will return.

Those who buy the Season Pass will receive the seventh Seraph armor for each class and can unlock the appropriate ornaments. You will also receive immediately Tommy s Matchbook and at the same time have more XP profits, new heads and triumphs, new cosmetics and more to unlock. More information can be found in the coming week.

Rasputin | Red Army

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