Criticism of the mouse Roccat Kone Pro

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ROCCAT has continued to prove repeatedly that he knew how to make excellent accessories game. Although I ve never owned one else ROCCAT helmet, I became a big fan of brand as they continue to offer accessories that are not only eye-catching but also performance. With the new mouse Kone Pro (and its wireless counterpart – Kone Pro Air) officially commercialized, I was curious to know how it would work next to its competitors and my current mouse. Without saying too much on the hop, it s damn impressive.

The wired mouse Kone Pro will certainly attract your attention as soon as you step out of the box and plug. It is colorful and sexy. It is super light, weighing only 66 grams, but you can tell from the start that is made to last. It has a solid honeycomb shell that is only visible on the left and right buttons of the mouse when it is on, and a few horizontal lines on the side, which also gives it extra texture. And it is not only stylish, it is also ergonomically designed, which means that you can play for hours without suffering from hand fatigue.

The Kone Pro is not trying not to do too much here. It offers a simple but elegant design with two additional buttons on the left side of the mouse for easy access to your right thumb. These are often used to move forward and backward without clicking on the usual buttons on the right or left mouse, and with the free Swarm ROCCAT driver software, they are also mappable.

Of course, this software also allows complete customization of all aspects of the mouse. Looking to set up a profile for a certain kind of game? What about the update color settings or DPI (up to 19,000 maximum)? You can do all this and more with the ROCCAT Swarm software. Also, if you are not sure of the CIO or the mouse speed that suits you best, you can calibrate the two a few clicks and mouse movements. I love the personal touch that it adds, but even if you do not know how to use this software and you want to change your color settings or PGD, a set of practical instructions is provided in the box to get you the manually adjust.

So what do you get when you combine an ergonomic lightweight design, customization capability and optical switching technology titanium ROCCAT? Incredible performance, clear and simple. The Kone Pro is easy to use, lightning fast and very versatile. It slides easily on a variety of surfaces, including the typical mouse pad, notebook computer and table surfaces, as well as a cloth (while lying in bed of course), sofa arms and even your leg. Yes, it works on all without decreasing performance. That said, I doubt you really want to play League of Legends and Legends in Apex with a mouse on the leg. You might, however, and that s what counts. The fact that he also is wired is hardly noticeable because the flexible cable ghost glides as easily as the rest of the mouse, and that s exactly what should be wired each experience.

The Kone Pro is accurate, as it reads on the box, this is the best speed. Response times are nonexistent, every mouse movement taking place exactly as you want, without a single delay. And if you are wondering how this sounds, well, despite its satisfactory rattling that is supposed to last at least 100 million clicks, it is neither noisy nor unpleasant. This means that you can click 100 million times without fear of annoying your partner, roommate or family. Really, the only thing negative I noticed is that the mouse buttons are starting to show oil stains after a day of play. This can start to wear on the mouse with the times, so make -you rubbing your Kone Pro after each session to avoid this.

If you are looking for a stylish super mouse, designed for the professional player and does not need to spend a ton of money, Kone Pro is the ideal solution. In terms of performance, there is not a single mouse that compares, especially when you consider all the things offered with Kone Pro for just $ 79.99. I honestly do not think you will come back to something else after using this mouse. Unless you want to pay extra USD 50 for wireless experience is. After all, I am convinced that Kone Pro Air is just as great.