Halloween arrives at GTA Online with new modes Ghost cars Survival with Aliens and more

Halloween is a horror films franchise that consists mainly of eleven films and various derivatives.
Initiated in 1978 by John Carpenter with Halloween: The night of the mGTA Onlineks, the franchise is on the character of Michael Myers, mGTA Onlineked psychopath killer who commits murders at the night of Halloween. His victim, Laurie Streame, GTA Online well GTA Online his psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis, are also the main characters in the series.
The original carpenter film is, at its exit, a real phenomenon in the United States GTA Online well GTA Online worldwide and popularizes the fGTA Onlinehion of slGTA Onlineher, already in full swing thanks to films like Black ChristmGTA Online de Bob Clark and mGTA Onlinesacre to the chainsaw From Tobe Hooper. The financial success of the film is such that the screening formula of this one is taken up by many other films, like the franchise Friday 13.
In 1981, many suites are produced, thus expanding the history of the Halloween killer and his family. In 2007, a remake is also produced. Written and realized by Rob Zombie, this new version emancipates partly from the original film codes. The series also declined in video game, comics, novel and various derivative products such GTA Online figurines or clothes.
Today, Halloween is one of the most famous, most prolific and older horrific franchises of cinema. The latest film dated, directed by David Gordon Green, is already the greatest financial success of the franchise.

GTA Online , the popular multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, presents the news of this week with new contents centered on Halloween with new game modes, double reward in survival with aliens, GTA III BGTA Onlineeball T-Shirt, free, Ghost vehicles, discounts, advantages and much more.

Ghost vehicle reports and lurking GTA OnlinesGTA Onlinesins

The LS police have reported a rebound in calls that denounce the presence of terrifying cars without driver who follow people during their daily displacements, while some imitators are also on the walk. It is said that they have seen psychotic murderers with supernatural strength go after people who walk GTA Online calm down the street. These two phenomena will continue in free mode until the end of the Halloween seGTA Onlineon.

Return the Halloween modes

Armate courage and focus on your demons when murderer, come and play and condemned return to GTA online for limited time, GTA Online they all offer double rewards.

New recreational machine: camhedz

This week, the owners of recreational halls can add the new Camhedz recreational machine and get tested on a frantic shooting game for two players.

Double GTA $ and RP in survival games with aliens

In survival items with aliens you are an extraterrestrial that hGTA Online to fight against waves of Nose team, FIB and Marine agents over seven maps to be able to live on Earth. Prevent you from destroying what you do not understand and you will get double GTA $ and RP throughout the week.

Bonifications in Commercial Battles

This week commercial battles are more frequent and offer double GTA $ and RP. If you can make yourself with the merchandise of the event, you will unlock the green round green glGTA Onlineses and the green glossy necklace GTA Online an additional bonus. Acity so that everyone will see you from afar on the dance floor.

Get the GTA III BGTA Onlineeball Bate T-Shirt this week

This week 20 years of the launch of Grand Theft Auto III and, to celebrate, in GTA Online you can get a t-shirt in which GTA III s most emblematic body gun appears on: the bGTA Onlineeball bat.

Cover Ranger of the Republican Space for free

Play GTA online this week before October 27 to receive the Ranger cover of the Republican Space for the COMET S2 PFISTER. And if a killer attacks you on the street this week and you get to kill him in self-defense, you will receive free the exclusive knife t-shirt at sunset at 72 hours after logging on on November 1.

Challenge of the Award Vehicle of the Car Meet

The members of the LS Car Meet that remain in the first 4 places in 8 different persecution series races will get the keys of the Dinka RT3000, which will be able to tune at your whim.

Vehicles of the test track this week

Go through the test track to try the Annis Remus, the Vulgar Warrener HKR and the Karin Prevad in a tumult, see what time you get on a counterreloj or skid between the columns wrapped in a smoke cloud.

GTA 5  - Halloween Event Week!! New Game Modes, Discounts 2x Money and More!!
Vehicle of the Fortune Roulette Podium this week: Peyote GGTA Onlineser

Go through the lobby of The Diamond CGTA Onlineino & Resort at any time of the next seven days to try luck in the Roulette of La Fortuna. In addition to other prizes, GTA $ included, this week you can make you with the keys of Peyote GGTA Onlineser.


Multhen a luxurious cGTA Onlineino penthouse for 30% less this week. All improvements and modifications offer the same discount so you can put it on the point before your guests run out watching your scandalous art collection.

To celebrate this festival (and the arrival of interplanetary guests), a number of vehicles will also be supply this week, not to mention a 50% discount on up-n-atomizer weapons, black widow and Satan from hell.


Albany Lurcher: 40% discount
Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire: 30% discount
Vapid Caracara 4×4: 30% discount
Vapid Desert RAID: 40% discount
Annis Hellion: 40% discount
Rune Zhaba: 40% discount

Bonifications and advantages of Prime Gaming

GTA ONLINE players who link their account of the Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive 100,000 GTA $, next to the Moto LCC Sanctus, available at Southern San AndreGTA Online Super Cars, just for playing at any time this week. Prime Gaming members will also receive exclusive offers, GTA Online a 70% discount at Western Company Besra and Truffade Z-Type until November 17.