You will want to agree with the devil to make you with this amazing statue on scale 1 6 of Morista Ghost

Every time there is more variety of action figures and statues of characters of pop culture with which we can decorate our showcase and our shelves.

Marvel s characters, both of the comics and the cinematographic universe of Marvel, are a source of permanent inspiration for the manufacturers and sculptors of figures.

Ghost Rider *knock off* Action Figure Review

Although the creations that we usually bring around here are usually from manufacturers such as Hot Toys, Iron Studios or Kotobuyika , there are a lot of creations that could be perfect in any collection.

A good example is this impressive statue of ghost biker (Ghost Rider) that has presented PCS.

With 28.6 cm tall , Ghost Biker rides back on her infernal donkey while preparing her chain to torment some unhappy.

The ghost biker statue includes a rocky-shaped base as a diorama, and that will be phenomenal where you want to put it.

His width of him, which is what he most occurs on this occasion, is 59.7 cm , taking all the length of the bike and a little more of the base.

This PCS ghost biker figure has a price of 780.03 € , to which, as always, you have to add shipping and customs expenses, which will be another piquito.

It is estimated that shipments will begin between November 2022 and January 2023, and is now available to book in Collectible Sideshow.

After the ill-fated cinematographic adaptation embodied by Nicolas Cage at Ghost Rider, the ghost biker reappeared in agents of S.h.i.E.L.D., played by Gabriel Luna .

There was a series attempt on Hulu a couple of years ago, but finally he was suspended and the character is in limbo, waiting for him to break up burning wheel in the UCM.

What do you think about the statue at a scale 1: 6 of Ghost biker that has presented PCS? Is it worthy of a covenant with the devil?