GTA Online has Halloween now

InGTA Online has begun the Halloween period. From now you can lie ahead creepy encounters – but not at any time.

Halloween starts in GTA Online: The Halloween content of GTA online can you run into from now literally. There are several features that contribute to-horror mood.

Two particularly exciting content are the phantom car and the Slasher event.

Both content can you find but only under certain conditions. We show you what you have to do.

phantom car and slasher in GTA Online – Conditions

Both the phantom car and the Slasher you may encounter GTA online in the open world.

What is the phantom car? This is phantom car a driverless car, which attaches itself to your bumper if you drive through the streets of Los Santos. but if you walk on the road or be off, there is a risk that even the carriage Kindle – and attacks you with an explosion.

What are the Slasher? The Slashers is different horror killer that you can attack virtually out of nowhere. There are, for example, a clown, or a crazy, burning types.

How that looks exactly shows the video of GTA Series Videos :

Requirements: For her the phantom car or killers encounter can not you are allowed to find yourselves in buildings. They are just about at night – 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 in the morning.

GTA Series Videos According addition, you have to be for at least 16 minutes in the session and at least one other player also needs to be in the session.

The killer, meanwhile, may appear only in certain spawn areas. If you defeat such a slasher, you can get the Twilight Knife T-shirt.

Finally you pursue phantom car and killer probably only if you are traveling in a normal car. Helicopters, aircraft or armed vehicle does not attack the phantom car.

Both events are GTA insiders Tez2 According to a cooldown of 15 minutes you (via Twitter).

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More Halloween bonuses in GTA Online

That gives it even more: In addition to the phantom cars and Slashern announced Rockstar additional bonuses.

The Halloween Slasher modes, Come Out to Play and Condemned return and distribute double rewards.
There are double GTA dollar and RP mode Alien Survival and in business Battles
A free baseball bat-shirt will spread
In the casino you will find this week s Peyote Gasser before prize at the wheel of fortune.
There are also various discounts.

Players UFOs in Los Santos Last event: Halloween with its spooky cars and killers thus follows another mysterious event in GTA Online.