Golden Joystick Awards Goty Candidate Public 10 species this year

The awards of the Australian Academy of Film and Television, also known as the AACTA Awards (for its acronym in English), are a gala of annual prizes granted by the Australian Academy of Film and Television where professional excellence is recognized in the Film Industry and television, including producers, directors, actors, writers and cinematographers. It is the most prestigious awards ceremony of the Australian Film and Television Industry, considered as the Australian counterpart of the US Óscar Awards or the British Academy Awards.
The prizes previously known as the Australian Film Institute Awards, or AFI Awards, began in 1958 with 30 nominees in six categories. In 1986, they included the prizes to the television industry.
In 2011, the AFI Awards became the AACTA Awards. [1] [2] The Gala is held every year at Sydney s Opera House in Sydney, Australia. [3] As of January 27 2012 international prizes began to be delivered every January in Los Angeles, California. [4]

The Golden Joystick Award , which is evaluated as one of the 5th game awards ceremonies, 2021 this year s best game (here) announced candidates for each division and began voting. This year, 10 games, a half level of last year, came to Goty Candidate.

Golden Joystick Awards began voting to cover the best game this year through the official website. There were 10 works on the candidate this year, and 10 were reduced in total rather than 20 years old. This time, AAA class games and indie games were distributed as last year, and all gamers participated in voting can receive an e-book of $ 8.99 (about 1,591 won). Votes are held until November 5, and the final winner is published on November 23.

Bethesda s Desroff , Capcom Biohazard Village , which is popular as a timephed material, is the first PS5 proprietary game, have. In addition, Sai Cornet 2 , Hitman 3 , and Metroid Dread , Metroid Dread , It Take Teu , Wilder Miss , Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Platformed Skyrim Mode Poogat City I was seated.

If you look at the candidate face, this year, this year, the Metropolitan Dreadded and Indie Games Wilder Moths are seated in the middle of PS and Xbox games. It is a very high candidate, except for PS, excluding PS, it is a high level that Sony s monopoly and Sony s exclusive work and the studio work that have been compared to last year,

The best game sector, a platform, was also announced together. First of all, the PS camp, with the best game candidate for this year, with the best game candidates, Liter and Death Stranding Liutters Cut , Kena: Bridge of Spirit . Xbox also Roast Jersey: Unjust memory and Die Gosset , 12 minutes , and Flash Simulator . In Nintendo camp, seven works, including Pokemon Snap and Monster Hunter Rise , and Bravley Define 2 .

On the other hand, in the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards, the awards ceremony of various sectors, such as in Indie Games and the game studio of the year, and the best game expansion packs, are held together.