Jet pilot in GTA online dies embarrassing against a car players celebrate wild clip

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Ingta Online it always comes to curious clashes. Now a clip makes the lap showing an unusual duel between a car and a fighting jet. That goes unexpectedly and gets good at the players.

What happens in the duel? The creator of the clip is just in his Nightshark, as suddenly a fighting jet started.

The pilot has apart from the driver and shame him with his missiles. The most of his bullets do not meet, but a rocket does not just hit the driver, but catapults his vehicle in the air.

The car picks up so high that the jet pilot can no longer react in time and crashes directly into his supposed victim.

While the Nightshark survives this unusual collision, the jet explodes in its items. Despite the flight and the collision, the Nightshark can continue relatively comfortably.

The unusual output of this duel looks not only absurd, but also comes well with the players. Here you can watch him yourself:

Players celebrate the clip, now want to buy the NightShark

Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer - Part 1 - Welcome to Online (GTA Let's Play / Walkthrough / Guide)

These are the reactions to the clip: in the subreddit of GTA Online, the duel has arrived very well. The post office has over 9500 upvotes (as of 18 October, 11:15) and there are also numerous comments that make fun of the pilot:

Cutem writes: The last thing that went through his head were your wheels. (Via Reddit)
Datl3afn1nja means: I would have sent him a nice little text message, Lol. Sometimes you have to let people know, Yes, I did . (Via Reddit)
I NEED PROOF doubts the capabilities of most jet pilots: I see so many videos of people in jets that do not know how to properly use them. (via reddit)
Heyitsstevenfield is damaged: These nozzle bombers play a stupid game and then win stupid prices

Overall, Jets are not particularly popular with numerous players. Many have already experiences with jet aviation, which is constantly hunting for the players who are on the ground and are annoyed by their trolling.

After this clip, therefore, some want to buy the vehicle from the video, as it endures so much.

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What exactly is that for a vehicle? The vehicle is the Hvy Nightshark. The vehicle came into play in 2017 with an update and is characterized by a strong armament and armor. The NIGHSHARK has machine guns under the hood and provides good protection.

The vehicle is also one of the best, armored vehicles in GTA online.

StroopwafelSpeelt said: The best purchase you can make, has transformed since this game in Iraq of 2004. (via reddit)

SARmedic911 but has optimization suggestions. It is recommended to omit the armored windows. in any case they would offer little protection against fire and with normal disks can be accessed in case of doubt on its own armament, to place, for example, sticky bombs while driving. (via reddit)

What do you think of the duel? Have you ever had similar situations?