Apple makes official new airpods 3

As we had been announced in advance, a new event of Apple is being transmitted today. During this presentation we finally met the new airpods 3 , and here we tell you everything you can expect from them.

Apple started the showcase of these headphones telling us more about space audio, which promises a higher level of sound quality in music, and in series and movies. This new technology will be available with the AIRPODS PRO and AIRPODS MAX.

The design of the Airpods 3 will be similar to that of the Airpods Pro , except that these new ones will not have a pillow. They will have tactile sensors and a new speaker, and promise to be resistant to water and sweat.

In the same way, they have adaptive equalizer and autonomy up to six hours. With the loading case promise a battery of up to 30 hours and yes, they have wireless load as well as compatibility with magsafe as long as they are on your case.

In terms of price, the new airpods 3 will be sold for $ 179 dollars. Preventive will be available today and will be launched the next week.

Here we leave you a gallery with some photos of the product. Remember to click on each of them to see them in high quality.

Editor s note: The next step for Apple would possibly reveal the new Airpods Pro. Although clear, for now they will focus only on selling and promoting airpods 3, That for everything shown during the event, they paint being a very good evolution for the current model.

Source: Apple Keynote